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VA Native American Direct Loans

The VA home loan benefit typically allows military members with a minimum amount of qualifying service to apply for a zero-down mortgage with limits on certain closing costs, no penalty for early payoff, and the ability to refinance with a VA Streamline loan later on. A typical VA home loan experience requires the borrower to… Read more »

no more VA loan limits

VA Loan Limits 2022

What are the VA loan limits for 2022? The short answer is, if you have never used your VA loan benefits…

VA Refinance Loan Basics

If you are eligible for a VA mortgage, you also have the option to use a VA loan to refinance a VA or non-VA mortgage depending on the type of loan you currently have. There are two basic types of VA mortgage, the VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan and the VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan… Read more »

VA Loan Basics

Basics of the VA Loan If you are new to your VA loan benefits, it’s good to review the requirements ahead of time so you can come to the home loan process ready to make informed choices about your home loan and your VA benefit. Here’s a primer on the VA home loan benefit that… Read more »