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Military & Veteran Benefits

This generation of veterans and servicemembers have access to the best benefits of any era in history. From the VA Home Loan program, to the GI Bill you can save you money, enhance your career opportunities and even change your life. Don’t miss out on any of the military and veteran benefits you have earned.


Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2024

brandon act

Brandon Act: Access to Confidential Mental Health Support

Update July 13, 2023: The Brandon Act is a federal law that “creates a self-initiated referral process for service members seeking a mental health evaluation,” according to the Department of Defense. The law was also created to reduce stigma by allowing troops to get mental health services on a confidential basis. President Joe Biden signed… Read more »

pcs moving family pet

PCS: Moving the Family Pet

Moving Your Dog, Cat or Other Pets During PCS Executing a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS, is hard on the whole family. Spouses have to relocate or find new employment, children have to change schools no matter the time of year and the whole family has to make new friends. More often than not,… Read more »

Dogs Help Veterans with PTSD

Man’s Best Friend Versus PTSD

Estimates indicate that a whopping 20% of veterans suffer from PTSD, which is one of the most common trauma-induced mental illnesses afflicting veterans today. Recently researchers found that walking with a dog from local shelters had a greater effect on psychological and physiological stress indicators in veterans when compared to walking with another human.

new TRICARE select fees retirees

New TRICARE Select Fees for Retirees

New TRICARE Select Fees For Retirees Begin January 1, 2021 On June 22nd, TRICARE announced in a press release that TRICARE Select Group A retired beneficiaries must pay for enrollment fees “in order to maintain their health coverage.” The new fees are set to take effect on January 1st, 2021, and this is the first… Read more »

prepare deployment

Deployment: How To Prepare

Deployment Prep How-To Being deployed is pretty much inevitable for many military service members. For deployments lasting from just a few weeks to up to a year, there are many types of obstacles that can arise for the families and friends of service members to tackle. Having a checklist or even just an idea of… Read more »

Military Survivor Benefits for Students

Process Change for Student Survivor Benefit Plan

Process Change for Student Survivor Benefit Plan The Department of Defense announced an updated process for child beneficiaries of the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) when verifying that they are a full-time student. The SBP annuity is paid to the dependents of fallen service members or deceased military retirees. Payments usually stop when the dependent reaches… Read more »

tricare extend dependents

Free TRICARE to Cover Dependents Until Age 26?

A bill, the Health Care for Military Families Act, (H.R. 475), has been introduced. If passed, it would allow young adults to stay on their parents’ TRICARE plan until the age of 26 without an increase in premiums.

covid military retirees compensation

COVID-19’s Impact on Military Retirees’ Compensation

COVID-19’s Impact on Military Retirees’ Compensation The pandemic has greatly impacted the economy and that can be felt in a number of places. Unfortunately, military veteran compensation has not escaped the grasp of COVID-19 and sadly, many retirees have been and will continue to feel its effects well into next year. Bureau of Labor and… Read more »

Veterans Economic Recovery Act

Veterans Economic Recovery Act Bill Introduced

To get veterans and their spouses back to work, top VA lawmakers introduced a bipartisan, bicameral bill ––the Veterans Economic Recovery Act. Learn more.


USTRANSCOM Revokes $7 Billion PCS Contract

Update 4/8/24: The DoD awarded a contract for privatized PCS moves to HomeSafe Alliance, which in 2024 began assuming responsibility for PCS moves for the military. The article below is preserved here for archival purposes. Contract Revoked for Privatizing PCS Moves There has been increasing pressure on defense officials to improve household goods moves for… Read more »