Yellow Ribbon program

The Yellow Ribbon Program

Learn about the Yellow Ribbon Program and its benefits for veterans, including funding for education and training.

Montgomery GI BIll

The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB-AD)

Discover the benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill for Active Duty members. Take advantage of this opportunity to fund your education. Read more.

Am I Eligible for VA Education Benefits?

Determine your eligibility for VA education benefits. Get the financial assistance you need to pursue your educational goals. Read more.

The 78th Anniversary of the GI Bill

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, marked the 78th anniversary of the GI Bill, which was enacted in 1944 to support those returning home from World War Two. The Department of Veterans Affairs issued a press release in honor of the anniversary, noting its impact over the years.

GI Bill Fact and Fiction

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to the GI Bill. Understand your benefits and make informed decisions. Learn more.

remote learning

REMOTE Act for GI Bill Extends Student Veteran Protection

Congress passed the REMOTE Act at the end of Dec 2021. This act extended provisions of the Student Veteran Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 until June 1, 2022. The Student Veteran Protection Act ensured that student veterans would be paid the GI Bill BAH portions in-full, even if the classes were taught remotely. Learn more.

dodea covid 19 remote

What Do DoDEA Schools Look Like This Year?

What Do DoDEA Schools Look Like This Year? On the homepage of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), it states that the upcoming 20-21 school year will look different across all of their schools, with the creation of “a new-normal environment due to COVID-19.” While in-person instruction is what has proven to work best for… Read more »