2023 National Defense Budget: More Money For Troops

The National Defense Authorization Act is the legal basis for funding the Department of Defense. It specifies a budget for the entire DoD, authorizes pay raises and acquisition programs, and much more. Everyone in uniform is affected by the NDAA, as well as their immediate families. Each year, the NDAA must be passed by the… Read more »

Increased BAH

DoD Announces Housing Allowance Increases for 2022

Service members in high-cost housing markets are getting financial relief thanks to the orders in a September 22, 2022, Memorandum from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. There are multiple directives in that Memorandum, including a review of the 2023 Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) calculations to keep BAH current with “unusually dynamic fluctuations in the… Read more »

BAH rates

Military Housing Benefits Can’t Keep Up with Rising Housing Costs

It’s a growing issue; military members and their families stationed in America are struggling to keep up with local rents, and the military’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) isn’t enough in many cases to help. Fortune Magazine reported in 2022 that the Basic Allowance For Housing, paid according to rank and adjusted each year, isn’t… Read more »

Military Housing Allowances (BAH and OHA)

When you join the military, your military benefits include the VA home loan program which allows you to apply for a no-money-down home loan with a competitive interest rate and a guarantee to the lender from the federal government. But not everyone wants to purchase a home. Some choose to rent, others are required to… Read more »