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Personal Finance Face-Off: Dave Ramsey v. FIRE

Choosing Dave Ramsey or FIRE – Personal Financial Management in the Military Dave Ramsey and his counterpart Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) are two big names in personal finance. Both offer advice on how to save your money and live comfortably in your later years, but as a service member how do you know which… Read more »

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Top Personal Budget Plans

Top Personal Budget Plans Monthly budgeting can be a tedious task, but acknowledging that there’s no one perfect way of doing it leaves room for comfort. There are countless ways to control personal finances, depending on income bracket, amount of debt you’re in, desire for control over your finances, or simply personal preference. If you’re… Read more »

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All-Too-Common Money Mistakes of the Military Family

Common Money Mistakes of the Military Family According to the 2019 Military Financial Readiness Survey, more than one-third of enlisted military members do not pay their bills on time and almost half say they had to find additional ways to supplement their income. Worries surrounding meeting personal finance goals are further heightened when taking into… Read more »