VA Urges Veterans to Get New COVID Booster

The Department of Veterans Affairs encourages all veterans to get the updated COVID-19 booster shot approved for 2023-2024. A surge of coronavirus cases in the U.S. and elsewhere has raised concerns; published sources note that COVID-19 infections have increased by as much as 200% among the veteran population, an uptick worrying some VA officials. According… Read more »

VA benefits for COVID

VA Disability Benefits for COVID-19

Here are the VA Disability benefits for Covid-19 for veterans. This covers both Covid-19 and Long Covid benefits for veterans.

Military News for August 12, 2022

Military news is more than just breaking stories about forward-deployed troops, combat operations, and military operations. There are many issues that affect troops and their families, and the purpose of this column is to provide a weekly roundup of news that affects military communities and families. Here are some of the week’s most important stories…. Read more »