Disabled Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs Drops MyHealtheVet and DS Logon

If you manage your VA benefits using DS Logon or MyHealtheVet,, your days of using those options are numbered. In 2025, the VA will discontinue support for those two platforms commonly used to access VA apps, websites, benefits, and records. The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a transition to a “more modern sign-in experience,” which… Read more »

Applying for VA Healthcare Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers education benefits and disability compensation for qualifying veterans. It also provides a range of healthcare treatment benefits and services for veterans and qualifying family members. Healthcare is provided to all qualifying veterans, but some benefits, like dental care, have additional eligibility requirements. The full scope of VA benefits may… Read more »

Resources for Disabled Veterans

Resources for Disabled Veterans If you or someone you love is a disabled veteran, you have many resources and programs to choose from in a variety of areas for benefits and compensation. In addition to the Department of Veterans Affairs, non-profit and private organizations provide programs and services. Related: Disabled Veteran Benefits Guide Department of… Read more »

VA and DoD Streamline Disability Claim Exam Procedures

Update April 29 2024: The Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded access to VA healthcare options for certain veterans without Honorable discharges. You can learn more about the VA’s policy changes in our article, VA Expands Healthcare Program to Some Veterans Without Honorable Discharges.  If you previously applied for VA benefits but were denied due… Read more »

Disabled Veteran Benefits Guide

There are various benefits for disabled veterans at the state and local levels. In addition to these benefits, there are federal protections for disabled veterans defined by two laws; the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, also known as USERRA.

What to Know About Disabled Veteran Preference in State and Federal Hiring

As a veteran, you may qualify for hiring preference at the state and federal levels. If you are a VA-rated disabled veteran, you may qualify for additional preference, especially when it comes to competitive examinations for Civil Service jobs, state government employment, or municipal jobs. What do you need to know about hiring preferences for… Read more »

Where to Find State Benefits for Disabled Veterans

Various state-level veteran benefits are offered to disabled veterans; sometimes, the problem is knowing where to find these benefits. Unfortunately, there’s no one-answer solution to where to look for these options, as every state is different. And that’s true right up to the naming convention of the state-level department meant to help veterans. In some… Read more »

Who is Eligible for a Veterans Pension?

Who is Eligible for a Veterans Pension? The Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Pension program is a benefit that is unrelated to military retirement pay. The VA Veteran Pension program offers VA payments to “wartime Veterans who meet certain age or disability requirements, and who have income and net worth within certain limits,” according to… Read more »

VA disability pay

VA Disability Pay and the Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program

If you are still serving and you are within 6 months to 90 days of your final out-processing date, you may qualify to apply for VA disability benefits and get them paid earlier using a VA program called Benefits Delivery at Discharge. Learn more.