Legislation Affecting Military

Updates on Legislation Affecting Veterans in Congress

There has been a ton of activity on Capitol Hill over the past week dealing with legislation and bills that may directly affect you, our nation’s military community. Here’s a quick round-up for you.

veteran supporting laws

The President Signs Two Veteran-Supporting Laws

Two Veteran-Supporting Laws Signed Into Law In August, the President of the United States signed two pieces of legislation that will support veterans. One will broaden options for those caught within the legal system and the other will expand a home renovation grant program for veterans who are disabled and blind. The Veteran Treatment Court… Read more »

TRICARE Doula Coverage

TRICARE Doula Coverage Bill Proposed

A bill calling for the Secretary of Defense to provide additional resources, including the services of doulas, for pregnant beneficiaries in the Tricare program, was introduced in Congress this May. The sponsors for this bill, Senators Kiersten Gillibrand (New York) and Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) propose that the additional support would actually help to cut heath… Read more »

brandon act

Brandon Act: Access to Confidential Mental Health Support

Update July 13, 2023: The Brandon Act is a federal law that “creates a self-initiated referral process for service members seeking a mental health evaluation,” according to the Department of Defense. The law was also created to reduce stigma by allowing troops to get mental health services on a confidential basis. President Joe Biden signed… Read more »