Military Pay

Military Pay and Allowances Explained

Military Pay and Allowances Explained To understand military pay and allowances,  you must first understand Basic Pay. Military members are offered Basic Pay for their time served, this is the salary for those in uniform. Most other payments above and beyond Basic Pay are either “special pay”, allowances, “incentive pay” or similar. Basic Pay does… Read more »

2023 National Defense Authorization Act

Find out what’s in the latest version of the 2023 NDAA. Find military pay raises, new BAH, commissary subsidies, and inflation-fighting measures.

Guard / Reserve Retirement

Retirement Pay for Guard and Reserve Members

If you are in the National Guard or the Reserve, you earn points toward retirement while serving part-time and when called to active service. You qualify for military retirement as a member of a Reserve Component once you have reached 20 creditable years of military service. What does it take to make it to retirement… Read more »

continuation pay

Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay: What is it?

What is Continuation Pay in the Blended Retirement System? One of the key features of the “new” Blended Retirement System (BRS) is a feature called continuation pay. In short, continuation pay is a bonus-like payment given mid-career, for those enrolled in the BRS, in exchange for adding more years to their service. BRS Broken Down… Read more »

early deposit military

Financial Institutions Offering Early Direct Deposits for Military

Banks and Credit Unions That Make Early Deposits for Active Duty Military As a standard rule, service members know their bi-weekly salary will get paid out on the 1st and 15th of every month. For instances when that date falls on a weekend, the pay gets moved to the closest weekday instead. However, there are… Read more »