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May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month

It’s an annual tradition; Military Spouse Appreciation Month in May is when the Department of Defense works to raise awareness of military spouses’ sacrifices. The agency also offers military spouses support to help them achieve personal goals and further their careers. Each military branch observes Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Observances range from unit-level and base-level… Read more »

How to Transfer Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits

It is not possible to simply choose to transfer your GI Bill benefit to a spouse or dependent; you must meet certain requirements and agree to a new military service commitment for your request to be approved. You must be on active duty to request a GI Bill transfer.

SecDef Announces Six New Quality-of-Life Programs for Military Families

On March 22, 2023, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III announced plans for six new programs for military families addressing “essential needs” in career advancement, child care, parental leave, and education. The announcement came in the form of an official memorandum addressed to senior Pentagon leaders and includes directives in various areas including one… Read more »

Military benefits for spouses

Military Benefits Guide: Spouses & Dependents

Military benefits can be confusing. We’ve put together this comprehensive military benefits guide for military spouses’ and dependents’ benefits.

Military Spouse Jobs overseas

Overseas Military Spouse Career Options

Discover various career options available for overseas military spouses. Get the resources, support, and guidance needed to advance your career. Learn more.

TRICARE for Spouses and Dependents

Get comprehensive information about TRICARE health insurance options for your spouse and dependents. Ensure your family stays healthy and happy. Learn more.