Congress Passes 4th Continuing Resolution

Update: On March 6, 2024, the House passed a multiple-agency spending package fully funding the Department of Veterans Affairs and military construction projects until the end of the fiscal year. The measure moved to the Senate where it passed and moved to the President’s desk for signature on March 9, 2024. What follows is preserved… Read more »

Air Force Pauses, Resumes PCS Moves Over Budget Issues

Air Force permanent change of station moves and bonus pay are being restored by emergency funding after those programs were suspended due to budget problems. In July 2023, the DoD announced a pause in PCS moves for Air Force troops as lawmakers from Colorado and Alabama were reported to have held up supplemental military funding… Read more »

Military News

Military News For July 15, 2022

Military news is more than just the latest developments at the “tip of the spear” so to speak. This column discusses news that affects the military community including things that affect the military family, veteran rights, benefits, and more. Our news coverage here does include some news on current operations, but we focus more on… Read more »