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PCSing Overseas as a Military Spouse: Five Things To Remember

5 Things to Remember About PCSing Overseas as a Military Spouse Military members have it a bit easier than military spouses when preparing for a PCS move overseas. After all, the service member is required to sit in PCS briefings and can ask someone in authority directly (via the chain of command) about issues related… Read more »

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PCS Season: What is Command Sponsorship for Overseas Tours?

If you are given permanent change of station orders and your new assignment is overseas, you may be sent on a shorter, unaccompanied tour (typically two years overseas) or a longer accompanied tour if you are married or have dependents. But to bring your dependents overseas to the new assignment, you must have them registered… Read more »

PCS Season

PCS Season: 5 Things to Know About Unaccompanied Tours

What’s an unaccompanied tour? This type of permanent change of station move has the servicemember relocating to a new assignment without “command sponsorship” of a spouse or dependents. It is not the same as a deployment or temporary duty. In other words, the military family members are not listed on the orders and are not… Read more »

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Prepare For Your First PCS Move

Prepare For Your First-Time Permanent Change of Station Move (PCS) While there may be an exception or two along the way, typically every military member will experience a permanent change of station move or PCS. This part of military life can feel overwhelming the first time, but fortunately, you are not alone, and there is… Read more »

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PCS Moves: Shipping a Privately Owned Vehicle Overseas

If you receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders that have you moving from one stateside military base to another, chances are good that you are expected to get your privately owned vehicle (POV) from one base to the next, with reimbursement from the government possible for mileage and other expenses. (No, the term “privately… Read more »

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PCS Moves and Your Personal Property: Fact & Fiction

There are some things to learn and remember about a PCS move that can make all the difference. We separate fact from fiction for PCS moves. When planning your move, keep the following things in mind.

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PCS Move Problems: What To Do When Your Household Goods Are Damaged

When you get permanent change of station (PCS) orders for a new assignment, you’ll have to begin preparing to pack and ship your household. The challenges of a PCS move include making sure some things aren’t packed and shipped (items you’ll travel with, your personal paperwork, passports, etc.) and making sure what is packed and… Read more »

Billion-Dollar PCS Reform For Military Household Goods Moves

PCS reform to the tune of more than $6 billion was approved after a four-year struggle to place all military permanent-change-of-station (PCS) household goods moves under a single contract. PCS moves require the military to use a contractor to pack, ship and deliver household goods for military members leaving one assignment for another whether stateside… Read more »

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Naval Base San Diego Military Base Guide

Naval Base San Diego is the home port of the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet. The base is home to more than 50 Navy ships and hosts visiting ships and more than 200 “tenant” commands. Find information for base contacts, schools, housing, and PCS’ing to the area.

Temporary Lodging Allowance

What You Should Know About Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) for when you PCS OCONUS If you have orders to PCS to an OCONUS location, you may be wondering about what types of entitlements you will receive. OCONUS includes any overseas location as well as Alaska and Hawaii. One of the most common OCONUS entitlements is TLA or Temporary Lodging Allowance…. Read more »