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Pentagon Issues Final Pet PCS Travel Reimbursement Policy

The Department of Defense has finally issued guidance on a new pet PCS policy; that guidance includes slashing the amount of the PCS benefit and delaying implementation until 2024. Pentagon Pet PCS Policy History In June 2023, we reported on a new DoD policy offering up to $4000 in reimbursement for costs associated with shipping… Read more »

PCS Benefit for Pet Travel In Limbo

Last year, military members were promised a new benefit related to permanent change of station moves, up to $4000 per service member who must ship pets as part of PCS travel. This new military benefit related to transporting pets was approved by lawmakers in December 2022. But at press time, the proposed rules are gathering… Read more »

New DoD Policy for PCS Moves: Lithium Batteries

Beginning on May 15, 2023, the Department of Defense imposes limitations on transporting devices containing lithium batteries in household goods shipments. Some lithium batteries are acceptable for household goods moves, and some are not, as we’ll examine below. DoD Policy for Transporting Lithium Batteries in Household Goods Shipments Are lithium batteries dangerous? The Department of… Read more »

get ready for your PCS move

Prepare For Your First PCS Move

Prepare For Your First-Time Permanent Change of Station Move (PCS) While there may be an exception or two along the way, typically every military member will experience a permanent change of station move or PCS. This part of military life can feel overwhelming the first time, but fortunately, you are not alone, and there is… Read more »

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PCS Moves and Your Personal Property: Fact & Fiction

There are some things to learn and remember about a PCS move that can make all the difference. We separate fact from fiction for PCS moves. When planning your move, keep the following things in mind.