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How to Avoid New Scams Targeting Veteran Benefits

Ever since the passage of the PACT Act, which expands VA benefits to qualifying veterans who suffer medical complications from duty-related toxic exposures, there has been a rise in scams targeting those who might benefit from the PACT Act. How widespread is this problem? The official site for AARP notes, “With new benefits come new… Read more »

Do You Need Help Filing a VA Disability Claim?

Do you need help filling out a VA claim application form? If so, plenty of third-party agencies offer to help; everyone from the DAV to the VFW offers assistance. But those agencies aren’t the only ones; there are also third-party companies offering to help. Unfortunately, some of these companies don’t mind charging exorbitant fees to… Read more »

Can I Get VA Compensation for PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health issue that can be diagnosed and rated by the VA as a service-connected disability. If you are about to retire or separate from military service and suspect you may have a PTSD claim, knowing how the VA reviews and rates this condition for compensation is helpful…. Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Cancels All Work on New Electronic Healthcare Records System

In 2021, we reported on the Department of Veterans Affairs installation of a new electronic health records system, debuting at selected Pacific Northwest sites. The new electronic healthcare records system was intended to help “…improve how physicians store and manage patient information concerning visits, test results, prescriptions, and other crucial information.” This is all the… Read more »

How to Check the Status of Your VA PACT Act Claim

Have you filed a claim for VA benefits under the PACT Act? This legislation created new “presumptive conditions” for troops exposed to toxic operations such as burn pits, the use of Agent Orange, and duty-related radiation exposure. Under PACT Act guidelines, those submitting claims to the VA may get automatic approval for 24 newly added… Read more »

New Rule May Help Veterans Pay for Non-VA Emergency Care

The Expansion of Veteran Eligibility for Reimbursement Act created options to help qualifying veterans who had to pay for emergency care at non-VA facilities. But there were issues around certain aspects of the Act. Now, in February 2023, the VA has created a “final rule.” It provides, among other things, VA payments for non-VA emergency room care for certain veterans who have sought emergency care since 2010. Learn more.

PACT Act Scam Warning

Protect Your Benefits: PACT Act Scam Warning

Since the passage of the PACT Act, also known as the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, many third-party companies have approached veterans and their families with offers to help them claim their benefits–for a price. The Department of Veterans Affairs official site warns consumers that many PACT… Read more »

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How Do I Update My VA Benefits Online?

How to Update VA Benefits Online Applying for VA benefits and updating your VA benefits online is the fastest way to get or update those benefits. Applicants can apply in person or by mail, but these processes can take longer. Some aren’t comfortable using a computer to access or change their account information. Still, there… Read more »