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How Do I Update My VA Benefits Online?

How do I Update my VA Benefits Online? Applying for VA benefits and updating your VA benefits online is the fastest way to get or update those benefits. Applicants have the option to apply in person or by mail, but these processes can take more time. Some aren’t comfortable using a computer to access or… Read more »

VA mental health care

VA Offers Free Mental Health Crisis Care to Veterans

January 2023 marked an important milestone in the battle against veteran suicides. The Department of Veterans Affairs began offering free mental healthcare to qualifying veterans including non-VA healthcare facilities. According to the VA official site, a veteran in a suicidal crisis can report to any VA medical center or non-VA healthcare facility, “for free emergency… Read more »

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Enhanced Benefits for Disabled Veterans: The AUTO Act

The Department of Veterans Affairs has programs for disabled veterans that can help these vets offset the costs of special adaptation for motor vehicles. Thanks to bipartisan efforts to enhance these programs, legislation passed in early 2023 offers expanded access to VA funding for these vehicles and/or their adaptations. VA Special Adaptive Vehicle Grants: the… Read more »

2023 Military Benefits Changes & Updates

Military benefits changes and updates for 2023 you need to know. Here are the BAS, BAH, COLA, and other rates subject to change each year.

Expiration Dates For VA Benefits

VA benefits come in a variety of different options. There are education benefits, disability benefits, VA healthcare benefits, help for those who are caregivers to disabled veterans, and even assistance traveling to and from VA appointments. Some VA benefits never expire. they last until the veteran dies, there is a change in the conditions that… Read more »

How to Avoid Mistakes When Claiming VA Disability Benefits

The VA disability claims process can be intimidating for newcomers. To file a VA claim for service-connected medical conditions, you must submit your military and civilian medical records, and make a case for your medical issues being service-connected. Depending on how complicated your VA claim is, you may need to follow up your initial documentation… Read more »

VA benefits for COVID

VA Disability Benefits for COVID-19

As of September 2022, nearly half a million military members had gotten sick with COVID-19. And when that many people get sick with the same thing–especially in the military–many of them could have lingering effects that others don’t experience. Where coronavirus goes, there’s a problem called “long COVID”, which may aggravate other medical issues or create… Read more »

VA disability compensation

VA Benefits for Disabilities Appearing Within a Year After Discharge

When you prepare to retire or separate from military service, you are given a checklist of things to accomplish ahead of your final out-processing appointments. One of those is starting the claims process with the Department of Veterans Affairs for any service-connected medical issues for which you might be entitled to VA compensation. But some… Read more »

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How to Add Dependents to Your Veteran Benefits

Changes in marital status, family size, and other factors are common, but when veterans need to add or remove someone from their VA benefits, there is a specific procedure that must be followed. Adding a new child, a new spouse or a parent who has come to depend on you financially to your military benefits… Read more »

Montgomery GI Bill

Montgomery GI Bill COLA Increases for FY 2023

Those using the Montgomery GI Bill can expect to see an increase in monthly GI Bill payments starting in October 2022. Fiscal 2023 GI Bill payments are increasing by nearly three percent from last year thanks to the annual Cost-Of-Living Adjustment or COLA.