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VA Adds Parkinson’s Disease to Camp Lejeune Family Member Program

The Department of Veterans Affairs has added Parkinson’s Disease to a list of conditions covered under the Camp Lejeune Family Member Program. This means that military spouses and dependents who lived at the Marine Corps base exposed to contaminated drinking water there from August 1, 1953 to December 31, 1987, may qualify for VA reimbursement… Read more »

What Type of Military Discharge Qualifies for VA Benefits?

Update April 29, 2024: The Department of Veterans Affairs updated its policies for those applying for VA benefits without an Honorable, General, or Under Honorable Conditions discharge. Those who have certain discharges (especially those related to so-called “homosexual conduct” or under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) may qualify for VA benefits thanks to the revised policies… Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Admits More Claims Processing Issues

If you tried to add or remove dependents from your VA records since 2011, you may need to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure your updates were actually recorded in the system. VA Admits Problems With Updating Dependents In Its System The VA has issued another apology for failure to process claims. This… Read more »

VA Benefits and Natural Disasters

In the summer of 2023, wildfires decimated portions of Hawaii on the island of Maui. One town, Lahaina, was completely wiped out by the fires, said to be the worst in the United States in over a century. Hawaii has a large veteran population and many experience complications or interruptions of VA benefits as a… Read more »

Will the President Veto the 2024 VA Budget?

The 2024 budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs is in danger of being vetoed; in the last full week of July 2023, the White House stated that the VA funding bill is rife with controversy over VA policies on reproductive care and is unacceptable in its current form. The House VA budget proposal for… Read more »

PACT Act: Expanded VA Benefits for Surviving Spouses, Dependents

UPDATE April 29 2024: The Department of Veterans Affairs has revised its guidelines for healthcare access. Those who previoulsy did not qualify because of military discharges related to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, gender identity, those who were discharged with other-than-honorable characterizations due to combat trauma, being a victim of discrimination or military sexual assault, and… Read more »

VA Announces End to COVID-Era Claim Delays

The Department of Veteran Affairs has announced changes in how it handles claim appointments and processes VA claims post-pandemic. The VA response to the pandemic included policies that delayed certain in-person claim procedures, but those have since ended, as we’ll examine below.   > Frustrated with your VA disability rating?  Register for a free consultation… Read more »

How to Avoid New Scams Targeting Veteran Benefits

Ever since the passage of the PACT Act, which expands VA benefits to qualifying veterans who suffer medical complications from duty-related toxic exposures, there has been a rise in scams targeting those who might benefit from the PACT Act. How widespread is this problem? The official site for AARP notes, “With new benefits come new… Read more »

Do You Need Help Filing a VA Disability Claim?

Do you need help filling out a VA claim application form? If so, plenty of third-party agencies offer to help; everyone from the DAV to the VFW offers assistance. But those agencies aren’t the only ones; there are also third-party companies offering to help. Unfortunately, some of these companies don’t mind charging exorbitant fees to… Read more »

Can I Get VA Compensation for PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health issue that can be diagnosed and rated by the VA as a service-connected disability. If you are about to retire or separate from military service and suspect you may have a PTSD claim, knowing how the VA reviews and rates this condition for compensation is helpful…. Read more »