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VA Disability Rating Critera: What is a Non-Compensable Disability?

When you prepare to retire or separate from the military, one of your out-processing appointments should typically be a VA benefits briefing where you learn about submitting a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-connected medical issues. Submitting a claim to the VA is time-consuming, but VA healthcare and disability compensation are very important parts of your post-military benefits. It’s well worth the time, even if the VA assigns you a 0% disability rating for your claimed medical issues. 

VA Disability Claims Glitch Delays Benefits for More Than 30 Thousand Troops

Over 30 thousand veteran disability claims have languished in the Department of Veterans Affairs processing system, with unprocessed claims dating back to 2018. Approximately 32 thousand letters have been sent to veterans in August notifying them their claims were not processed. Serious Issues At The Department of Veterans Affairs? A Military Times article notes that… Read more »

Should You Pay for Help with a VA Claim?

The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Federal Trade Commission issue scam warnings occasionally, but it seems rare that such warnings would involve a specific brand. And some of these warnings aren’t aimed at consumers but rather at a company offering services to those consumers. According to an article by the Texas Tribune, that’s exactly… Read more »

VA Announces Study On Racial Disparities in Benefits Payments

In February 2023, the Department of Veterans Affairs was put on notice via Presidential executive order to address issues related to racial disparities in the VA benefits system. President Joe Biden’s executive order includes this justification for the order: “(M)embers of underserved communities — many of whom have endured generations of discrimination and disinvestment —… Read more »

Major Richard Star Act Would Enhance Disabled Veteran Benefits

UPDATE 11/30/23 At press time there has been no movement on this bill. It’s possible that it may not be considered at all in 2023. The face of some military retirement pay options could be changing thanks to legislation known as the Major Richard Star Act. “Military retirement pay and service-connected disability compensation are two… Read more »

VA disability pay

VA Disability Pay and the Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program

If you are still serving and you are within 6 months to 90 days of your final out-processing date, you may qualify to apply for VA disability benefits and get them paid earlier using a VA program called Benefits Delivery at Discharge. Learn more.