The PACT Act and Your VA Benefits

Learn how the PACT Act impacts your VA benefits and what you need to know to ensure you continue receiving the benefits you deserve. Learn more.

Yellow Ribbon program

The Yellow Ribbon Program

Learn about the Yellow Ribbon Program and its benefits for veterans, including funding for education and training.

Military News

Military News This Week: July 8 2022

Here’s a roundup of some of the important military news stories from the last week affecting currently serving troops, military families, and veterans. These are not necessarily breaking news items, information on military operations, or developments in hardware or tech. The stories we bring you here affect military families and are not necessarily focused on… Read more »

The 78th Anniversary of the GI Bill

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, marked the 78th anniversary of the GI Bill, which was enacted in 1944 to support those returning home from World War Two. The Department of Veterans Affairs issued a press release in honor of the anniversary, noting its impact over the years.

GI Bill Fact and Fiction

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to the GI Bill. Understand your benefits and make informed decisions. Learn more.

Veteran Readiness and Employment Program (VR&E)

If you are a veteran with a qualifying VA-rated disability that affects your ability to find or keep a job, there is VA help in the form of a program called Veteran Readiness and Employment program.

5 Tips for Applying for VA Disability Benefits

Applying for VA disability benefits can be a complex and overwhelming process. These tips can help you navigate the system and increase your chances of success. Read more.