VA Loan

Here you can find a wealth of information regarding loan programs available to veterans and their families

Native American Direct Loans

Temporary VA Loan Interest Rate Drop for Native American Veterans

There are some 24 thousand Native Americans on active duty across all branches of military service, according to the Department of Defense. As a group, 19% of all Native Americans have served since 9/11. Army Times reports that statistic compared to some 14% “of all other ethnicities,” according to a March 2022 article. These troops… Read more »

How to buy a home with a VA loan

How to Buy a Home With a VA Loan

Here are step-by-step instructions to help you buy a home with a VA mortgage? We explain how to apply for a VA loan to buy your dream home.

How to Avoid Veteran Mortgage Scams

How can you avoid getting scammed out of your VA home loan benefits by a predatory lender? We offer tips on how to avoid VA mortgage scams.