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Denied VA Benefits? Try Re-Filing A VA Claim

VA programs are always subject to change, but some changes are more dramatic than others.

In the past, when major changes resulted from a program overhaul, one feature was commonly the ability to reapply for benefits previously denied, but that could be available under new guidelines.

If you have been turned down for a VA claim, it may be wise to revisit it and resubmit using your original medical evidence, plus any new information that may be relevant to your case.

Why Resubmit A Rejected VA Disability Claim?

In 2017, the Forever GI Bill became law. It was one of the biggest reforms to the GI Bill program since it’s creation. In 2018 the Veterans Adjustment and Transition Act was passed, improving a variety of benefits for vets and family members.

Then, there was the PACT Act of 2022, which dramatically changed the availability of VA benefits, compensation, and care for qualifying veterans exposed to toxins in the line of duty.

Many of these changes included retroactive benefits, expanded application opportunities, and the ability to re-file previously denied VA claims to new consideration.

If you applied for VA benefits in the past but were denied, it may be a good idea to reapply for those conditions or issues since many of the VA guidelines for approving or denying a claim have changed since 2017.

Some VA program upgrades specifically address those concerns, but others may not. If you aren’t sure about applying, it’s good to contact the VA directly to discuss your concerns and learn more about how to get started.

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What The VA Does When You Re-File A Claim

Consider the advice of the Department of Veterans Affairs to survivors of military sexual trauma or MST, who may have been denied VA claims in the past.

“In an effort to continuously improve our service to Veterans, VA has made several recent changes to improve how MST-related claims are processed and decided. VA now provides special training to staff who work on MST-related claims.”

In this particular case, the special training was to ensure VA staffers “have the specialized knowledge needed to evaluate these claims properly,” noting, “If you filed an MST-related claim before August 2018 and received a denial, VA encourages you to refile so that your claim can be reviewed by staff who have received this training.”

MST training isn’t the only area where the VA needs reforms, and as those reforms are implemented, the agency typically addresses the problem of past claims being denied.

“ You can request a re-evaluation by contacting an MST Outreach Coordinator at your local VA Regional Office or by going online” noting that if you choose to resubmit a claim, you have the option to “submit new or additional evidence” using VA staff, veteran service officers, or by submitting on your own.

What To Do When Re-Filing A VA Claim

When resubmitting your VA claim, unless otherwise instructed it may be best to treat it like your original claim and send as much information as possible. The VA official site advises those submitting claims to include the following documentation:

  • VA medical records
  • Civilian or non-military hospital records.
  • Any other relevant records, notes, receipts, and reports.
  • Supporting statements or “buddy letters” from friends and colleagues
  • Supporting evidence showing how your condition has affected your life

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Where To Submit Your Claim

You can re-submit a claim by mail, in person, or online. If you choose the in-person option, the Department of Veterans Affairs encourages users to try the VA official site’s Find VA Locations page. However, users should be aware that in the past, the VA locator tool contained incomplete information, and not all VA facilities were found when using the Find VA Locations tool.

Whether or not that problem has been corrected since we last reviewed the locator tool is unclear, but it may be best to Google your nearest VA location instead.

You can resubmit a VA claim using the VA online submission option or  mail a revised or re-filed claim to the VA directly at:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
PO Box 4444
Janesville, WI 53547-4444

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