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Military & Veteran Benefits

This generation of veterans and servicemembers have access to the best benefits of any era in history. From the VA Home Loan program, to the GI Bill you can save you money, enhance your career opportunities and even change your life. Don’t miss out on any of the military and veteran benefits you have earned.


Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2024

Lawmakers Submit Bill to Prevent Veteran Foreclosures

Lawmakers have introduced a bill meant to help veterans avoid foreclosures on VA home loans in the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Even at press time in 2024, the economic effects of COVID are still being felt, and the veteran community is especially vulnerable to home loan default because of economic hardship. There are… Read more »

TRICARE, FEDVIP Dental and Vision Rates 2024

TRICARE and FEDVIP Dental and Vision Rates 2024 Here are the dental and vision coverage costs in 2024 for the healthcare plans listed below. These rates do not necessarily apply to all beneficiaries. Read the fine print of your healthcare plan carefully. TRICARE is a healthcare insurance option offered to qualifying military members, their families,… Read more »

Military Benefits Updates for 2024

Military Benefits Updates and Changes for 2024 Military benefits are updated for 2024 as of the first day of the new year. BAS, BAH, COLA, and other rates are subject to change from year to year. Here are the rates and information for 2024. Military Pay Raise in 2024 The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act… Read more »

Military Healthcare Reform: DoD to Stabilize MHS

The Department of Defense wants to overhaul the military healthcare system and re-attract patients (who previously chose a non-military care option) back to military medical waiting rooms. In early December 2023, the Deputy Secretary of Defense signed a memorandum “directing the stabilization of the Military Health System,” requiring military hospitals to “add capacity to reattract… Read more »

DoD, VA Modernize In Vitro Fertilization Care Policy

UPDATE: Jan 31, 2024: This article has been updated to reflect a change in IVf policy at the Department of Veterans Affairs (see below.) The VA and the Department of Defense changes some healthcare policies in early 2024 to be more inclusive for couples who need in vitro fertilization services supported by the VA and… Read more »

VA Care Options for Traumatic Brain Injury

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury? Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, can happen in the line of duty or in your civilian life. Whether through combat, being hit by an object in a sports game, an explosion, or a common car crash, any impact on your head may cause TBI. This type of injury is not… Read more »

Government Shutdown Temporarily Delayed

A partial government shutdown has been delayed for now thanks to a last-minute temporary funding extension passed in the House and Senate. While that sounds like a small victory, some believe this news is actually a failure of leadership in Washington to get a full federal budget sorted out and get the government working properly…. Read more »

Legal Services for Veterans

Veterans and their eligible family members are entitled to many benefits, including some free legal assistance services. Depending on what kind of service you need, there are several avenues for pursuing legal benefits. Several assistance options are available if you need guidance crafting a will or estate plan, reviewing lease/rental agreements and contracts, planning an… Read more »

Military ID Cards by Mail: More Options

The Defense Department has expanded a pilot program allowing some military families to renew their military ID cards by mail. A program started in 2023 allowing stateside ID card renewal options for military family members has expanded to include retirees, their dependents, and members of the Reserve to participate. Now, more military families have expanded… Read more »

Lawmakers Demand Employment, Financial Reform For Military Families

In the earliest days of 2024, lawmakers are calling on the federal government to do more to improve military spouse employment and financial literacy for troops. Legislators have filed new bills and resolutions in January, and some efforts from the previous year are also being revisited in 2024. New Bill Requires Military Financial Literacy Training… Read more »