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Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2023

Army ROTC Error Could Add Years To Service Commitments

The United States Army has an ROTC program called the Green to Gold Active Duty Option, also known as G2GADO. Under this program, ROTC members could have their ROTC time in college counted as time in service, just as if the soldiers were deployed or at a permanent duty station. Time in service is an… Read more »

How Troops, Veterans, and Families are Hurt by a Government Shutdown

UPDATE: 10/2/2023: The budget crisis that informs this article has been averted by a continuing resolution (CR) that funds the government for 45 days. On the last day of September 2023, Congress passed a continuing resolution that keeps the federal government fully funded for an additional 45 days into the new fiscal year which began… Read more »

VA Disability Rating Critera: What is a Non-Compensable Disability?

When you prepare to retire or separate from the military, one of your out-processing appointments should typically be a VA benefits briefing where you learn about submitting a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-connected medical issues. Submitting a claim to the VA is time-consuming, but VA healthcare and disability compensation are very important parts of your post-military benefits. It’s well worth the time, even if the VA assigns you a 0% disability rating for your claimed medical issues. 

VA PACT Act Claims Process Under Review For 0% Disability Ratings

The Department of Veterans Affairs is reviewing its PACT Act claims process due to a large number of 0% disability ratings related to those claims. A report published by notes that while the VA has approved most PACT Act claims submitted since the program began, more than 30% have received a 0% disability rating… Read more »

VA Responds to Increase In VA Benefit Scams

An increase in VA benefits scams aimed at those claiming new benefits or appealing VA decisions has prompted action from the federal government. The Department of Veterans Affairs has responded to increased VA benefits scams by launching an awareness campaign on its official site and in VA facilities. The VA added a page to… Read more »

TRICARE: Off Base Dental Care Options For Active Duty Troops

Under TRICARE, family members have the most flexibility. They can choose between TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, and other options that may be open to them depending on where they live and where the military member is assigned. Those serving on active duty don’t have the same options as family members; they must use TRICARE Prime… Read more »

Pentagon Reviews Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Discharges

The Pentagon is reviewing punitive military discharges issued under the long-repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, which ended in 2011. Under that policy, thousands of LGTBQ+ troops were given military discharges that denied them access to veteran benefits such as the GI Bill, health care, and government jobs, all because they were discharged for so-called… Read more »

Army Pauses Reenlistment Bonus Program

There’s good news and bad news. The good news (for the DoD) is that the United States Army met its retention goals for fiscal year 2023. The bad news? Meeting that goal means the Army has no incentive (for now) to continue offering reenlistment bonuses. It has temporarily paused the program. What is the U.S. Army… Read more »

Navy Offers Alternative Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Compensation

Some veterans and family members affected by the Camp Lejeune contaminated water scandal have an alternative way to collect the compensation they are due from the federal government for exposure to contaminated water at the North Carolina Marine Corps base. The passage of the PACT Act created opportunities for veterans and family members to submit… Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Admits More Claims Processing Issues

If you tried to add or remove dependents from your VA records since 2011, you may need to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure your updates were actually recorded in the system. VA Admits Problems With Updating Dependents In Its System The VA has issued another apology for failure to process claims. This… Read more »