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Military & Veteran Benefits

This generation of veterans and servicemembers have access to the best benefits of any era in history. From the VA Home Loan program, to the GI Bill you can save you money, enhance your career opportunities and even change your life. Don’t miss out on any of the military and veteran benefits you have earned.


Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2024

VA Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology Grant Program

Applications for the 2024 VA Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology grant are now open through midnight on April 28. The SAHAT program funds developers, researchers, and “individuals” working to innovate adaptive technologies to benefit disabled veterans, including thought-based assistive technology for those suffering from neuromuscular conditions as a result of their military service. These new… Read more »

$6 Billion: 3M Settles Veteran Lawsuit Over Allegedly Defective Earplugs

3M has agreed to settle a major lawsuit brought by a quarter of a million veterans who claim they received faulty hearing protection gear for use in combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 3M Lawsuit Settlement: $6 Billion Over Allegedly Defective Hearing Protection CBS News reports approximately a quarter million veterans are set to… Read more »

VA Updates Service-Connected Disability Rating Schedule

The Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities, or VASRD, is the VA reference for assigning disability ratings for service-connected medical conditions. It was updated in 2024. Those updates include modified ratings and criteria for some 55 medical conditions, including changes to how the VA rates certain digestive conditions. VA Secretary for Benefits Josh Jacobs, quoted… Read more »

Commissary Delivery Benefits Expand in 2024

In 2024, more Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) shoppers have the option to get home delivery for Commissary purchases at stateside military bases. A DeCA home delivery pilot program started in 2022 is expanding and is anticipated to be available nationwide by the end of 2024. The program was slated to expand regionally in the summer… Read more »

Congress Passes Federal Budget, Avoids Government Shutdown

The House and Senate passed the federal budget over the weekend of March 23, 2024. This passage was not easy. Congress narrowly avoided a partial government shutdown earlier in the month under a continuing resolution that partially funded the government until the March 22 deadline. On the 22nd, it avoided that scenario only by an… Read more »

VA Offers Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers updated COVID-19 vaccines for the 2024 season. The updated vaccines, which include an additional shot for those 65 or older, are meant to offer protection against the latest COVID variations. According to the VA official site, “Due to changes in the virus, it is important to get the updated… Read more »

What to Know About the Partial Government Shutdown

Will the federal government shut down at midnight when the March 22, 2024 deadline arrives? Could military members be forced to work during such a shutdown without pay? At press time, and certainly subject to change, conditions seem ripe for a partial government shutdown unless the House and Senate can agree to pass six legislative… Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare for Women Veterans

Women veterans have unique healthcare needs, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Women’s Healthcare Department offers many reproductive healthcare options and services for women veterans, including sexual health, maternity care, infertility, and menopause. These VA services can improve women’s overall health and offer support at any age and stage of life. Learn more.

Government Shutdown Averted as Senate and House Pass VA Budget

The House of Representatives approved full-year funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies in the first full week of March. The bill was sent to the Senate on March 8, which passed it. The funding bill was sent to the President’s desk for signature. The spending bills were signed into law… Read more »