Military & Veteran Benefits

This generation of veterans and servicemembers have access to the best benefits of any era in history. From the VA Home Loan program, to the GI Bill you can save you money, enhance your career opportunities and even change your life. Don’t miss out on any of the military and veteran benefits you have earned.


Military Benefits Changes and Updates 2024

Do I Have to Buy My Own Uniform in the Military?

When you ship out to Basic Training, do you have to buy your own uniform? The short answer is yes and no. Yes, trainees must purchase their initial set of uniforms in basic training. No, they aren’t asked to pay out of pocket. Instead, the DoD provides an Initial Clothing Allowance meant to cover the… Read more »

Pentagon Reforms Military Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Guidelines

The Pentagon has announced reforms to its guidelines for those who win military medical malpractice claims against the Department of Defense. Those who successfully bring a case against the DoD may now get up to $750 thousand in damages unrelated to awards for “economic damages,” which have no cap. The $750 thousand cap announced on… Read more »


What Is TRICARE For Life? TRICARE For Life is an additional medical coverage that applies to service members and retired service members who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B to help cover costs associated with medical care. TRICARE For Life applies to those who meet all qualifications to supplement medical costs not completely covered… Read more »

Overseas Cost of Living Allowance Cuts in 2024

If you are active duty military and receive permanent change of station orders to an overseas base, the Overseas Cost of Living Allowance, or OCOLA, is one of the first things you’ll learn about about pay and benefits for overseas troops. But the amount of those OCOLA benefits is shrinking. The DoD, by law, plans… Read more »

Lower COLA For Retired Military and Disabled Veterans in 2024

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a Cost of Living Adjustment or COLA increase of 3.2% for retirees and disabled veterans effective November 30, 2023, “for the payment of disability compensation and dependency and indemnity compensation,” according to the text of Public Law 118–6 by the 118th Congress. How Much is the 2024 COLA Increase?… Read more »

Do You Qualify for a Free Flu Shot from the VA?

Do you qualify for free flu shots from the Department of Veterans Affairs? While it’s true that you can get influenza any time of year, there is a definite “flu season” that makes the flu easier to get. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) literature on influenza, “…flu viruses typically circulate during the… Read more »

More Capitol Hill Scrutiny On Military Housing Problems

Military housing problems have been a continuous source of headlines–and DoD headaches in 2023. In addition to continuous grilling by public officials over lead paint in military family housing, overflowing sewage, and black mold in barracks, dorms, and (again) military family housing units, there’s new scrutiny over the accessibility of base housing. Air Force Times… Read more »

Army to Address Recruiting Problems But Not With New Benefits

What would it take for you to consider joining the United States Army? Military benefits, in general, are appealing to many. For some, the motivator is the education benefits; for others, the incentive is the ability to see the world or travel to places they otherwise wouldn’t see. The Army, Air Force, Space Force, Navy,… Read more »

Facts and Fiction About Military Life Insurance

Get the facts and separate out the fiction about military life insurance. We explore policies from the private-sector and those options offered by the federal government. Learn more.

TRICARE Open Season 2023

TRICARE Open Season 2023 was the period of time when military families can change their TRICARE coverage without needing to justify a major life event like a birth or death in the family. Open Season has now closed. When Was TRICARE Open Season 2023? TRICARE Open Season is Nov. 13 through Dec. 12, 2023. Related:… Read more »