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Wounded Warrior Project’s COVID-19 Relief Program

wounded warrior covid-19 relief

WWP Announces COVID-19 Relief Program

On April 9th, The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) announced that it was putting up $10 million to assist wounded warriors in need as the US battles against COVID-19. Many in the military community are facing dire financial strains due to losses of income and financial insecurity. The hope is that these micro-grants will allow for some critical bills to be paid by those who receive them.

Anyone registered with WWP on or before April 8th, 2020, is eligible to apply, but they are asking for registrants to only apply if there is an absolute need for financial assistance. They have a statement on their website, underlined and in bold, which states:

It’s important to note that not all warriors will qualify for this assistance, and others who do qualify, will not receive funds once funding is exhausted.”

They estimate that 10,000 eligible wounded, sick, and injured service members will receive a grant of $1,000 to help ease the financial strains brought on by C19. They may be able to provide more if the funding is matched by their corporate partners.

Starting April 9th, warriors can submit applications for the grant. WWP will continue to administer these funds until they are exhausted. The approval process is estimated to take between three to five days. Once an application has been approved, awardees of the grant will either receive a paper check in the mail, or they will be paid electronically via Zelle. Checks can take up to two weeks to arrive. Their other services and programs will continue to be available during, and even after, this initiative.

Eligibility Criteria for Wounded Warrior Project Covid-19 Relief

  • Confirmed registration with the Wounded Warrior Project on or before April 8th, 2020
  • Must have themselves suffered a loss of personal employment/work income or are dependent on someone in their household who has suffered the same due to COVID-19
  • Are currently unable to pay for the rent/mortgage, utilities, or food as a result of their lost income

So How Does It Work?

If you were registered as a wounded warrior with WWP on or before April 8th, 2020, then you will be contacted by them via email explaining their efforts. Afterwards, if you indicated that you were in need of financial assistance, then a second email will be sent to you with the application. So, if you’re registered with the WWP and are in need of financial assistance, please check your inbox, and maybe your spam folder if you don’t see it there. They started sending out emails yesterday.