Service members and veterans have financial benefits and resources that their civilian friends don’t.  Make sure to take advantage of these benefits. These include everything from exclusive life insurance options, to retirement benefits, to VA home loans.  You have an amazing opportunity to save money, plan for retirement, and buy a home at good rates without a down payment.

Best Ways To Use Your Military Raise

Best Ways to Use Your Military Raise

For 2022, service members saw a 2.7% increase from the previous year. Military raises don’t ever seem to be enough, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore them or not have a plan for that extra money. How to Best Use Your Military Raise There is so much can you do with this extra… Read more »

Save money and energy in your military home

11 Ways To Save Money and Energy in Your Military Home

Home is where the heart is or — for service members and their families — home is where the military sends you. For each and every on-post house that you customize and make your own, there are small tweaks and fixes you can employ that will save your military family money. Some duty stations provide… Read more »

Money saving hacks when one parent is in school

Money Saving Hacks To Use When One Parent Is In School

When a service member or spouse decides to go back to school, there usually needs to be changes to the family’s budget. Most likely, there will be a loss of income. Even if all of the educational bills are paid for through the military and financial aid, saving money during the time they are in… Read more »

Money saving hacks for vacation

20 Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Vacation

When you start to plan your next vacation, you may be looking for ways to save money. Traveling expenses can add up, but if you can find ways to save money, you will be able to keep your costs lower than they would otherwise be. Here are 20 money saving hacks for your next vacation:… Read more »

Grocery Shopping Hacks To Save Money In Your Grocery Budget

16 Ways for Military Families to Save Money on Groceries

Tips for Military Families to Save Money on Groceries If you are working on your budget, your grocery bill might be one of the best ways to save some money.  Here we outline ways for military families to save on groceries. If you feel your grocery bills are high, maybe you ARE overspending. According to… Read more »

military special pay

13 Special Pays for the Military

The military may receive different pays besides base pay. Here are 13 different military special pays and incentive pays for the military.

Ways to Save Money on Military Housing

Ways to Save Money On Housing

What you pay for housing each month can be one of your most significant expenses. You could feel like you are paying too much or you might be looking for a place to live. Here are a few ideas to help you save money on your housing. Ways To Save Money On Your Housing If… Read more »