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Naval Air Station Whiting Field

Naval Air Station Whiting Field neighbors Milton, Florida in the Floria Panhandle, recognized for its sunny skies and friendly community. NAS Whiting Field is found in Santa Rosa County near Pace and many natural, recreational, and historic sites.

The relaxed pace of life in Milton is refreshing for military families who support the mission of NAS Whiting Field, to develop premier pilots and support the Navy’s aerial missions and goals. Almost 2,000 service members call this area home as well as their families.

NAS Whiting Field supports about 400 civilian employees as well, supporting and adding to the local economy for a healthy community overall. Learn more about NAS Whiting Field including base contact information, housing, education, and childcare.

NAS Whiting Field History

Unlike some military bases, for more than eight decades Naval Air Station Whiting Field has been open continuously. This site has become an important part of flight program for the Navy. One example? The Navy’s debut jet training unit broke ground at this site. It has also been tied to the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. The Naval Air Station also served as a prisoner-of-war-camp during World War II for German soldiers while doubling to serve pilot training commands.

Since then, NAS Whiting Field has grown to uphold multiple training squadrons and nearly one million annual flight operations in addition to developing 1,200 aviation students annually.

Surrounding Area

Naval Air Station Whiting Field is nestled in the northwestern part of Florida in the panhandle region, closest to the city of Milton but not far from the large urban area of Pensacola. It is located in Santa Rosa County, next to Pace and Navarre.

A short drive from NAS Whiting Field, families and friends can enjoy Pensacola Beach and many outdoor activities like surfing lessons, ziplining, and hiking. Nearby outdoor fun spots include the Blackwater River State Recreational Area and State Park, the Blackwater Heritage State Trail, and the Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site.

On the rare occasion the sun isn’t out, try indoor skydiving in Milton. For those who prefer the arts, the region is home to the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach and the Maitland Art Center in Maitland, Florida.

Mission and Units

Focused on creating exemplary aviation warfighters, this installation trains over 1,000 pilots yearly, increasing the skills and numbers of qualified fighters in the air. All Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard helicopter pilots are trained at Whiting Field.

Commands at Whiting Field include:

  • Base Security NAS Whiting Field
  • Branch Medical Clinic (Dental) NAS Whiting Field
  • Commander, Training Air Wing Five
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Whiting Field
  • Helicopter Training Squadron Eight
  • Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen
  • Helicopter Training Squadron Twenty Eight
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Group
  • Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment
  • Naval Air Station Whiting Field, I.D. Card/CAC Office/DEERS
  • Naval Branch Clinic (Medical)
  • Training Air Wing Five Reserve Component
  • Training Squadron Six
  • Training Squadron Three
  • Training Squadron Two

In-Processing and Check-In

For incoming service members, arriving during regular business hours during weekdays, check in at the Administrative Department located in building 1401.

Make sure to have your identification/ID card, your orders, and any other relevant documentation for your new assignment. Service members should arrive dressed in appropriate uniform of the day for inprocessing. You may reach out to the Command Duty Officer for more details if needed at (850) 623-7921. The Fleet & Family Support Center can answer additional questions about after hours check-ins or to resolve any lingering questions.

Child Care

The Whiting Field Child Development Center offers childcare for children six weeks of age up to five years old. Fees are based on the family’s income level. Families should look into care options ahead of time as it is common first to be placed on a waiting list for a few weeks to a couple of months in times of high demand.

For school-aged children, after-school care or daycare is unavailable on-site but can be found through the local school systems. Reach out to your local school to enroll and secure care.

Other options for care include Child Development Homes where care is offered by certified military spouses in their own homes. These sites offer care from six weeks to 12 years old and can be flexible options.


Minutes from Naval Air Station Whiting Field is the local housing community called The Whiting Pines Naval Family Housing area, run by a private firm, Balfour Beatty Communities. It is within close proximity to popular shopping stores, restaurants and local attractions and has standard home amenities.

The neighborhood features a community center with a swimming pool and tennis courts, a walking track, and a playground. Pets are allowed in designated areas. Applications can be sent in person, fax or by mail for families. Unaccompanied housing can be arranged by calling (850) 623-9726.

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7180 USS Wasp Street, BLDG 3060
Milton, FL 32570
(850) 623-7131

The Commissary at NAS Whiting Field is within walking distance of the military housing community. It is stocked with staple food items and supplies for daily family life and special events. For special event orders from the deli or for produce trays, reach out to the commissary in advance to ensure freshness and availability.

PCS and TDY Lodging

NAS Whiting Field does not have its own Navy Lodge, the typical go to for temporary housing. Families and service members arriving in the area will be directed to the Gateway Inn & Suites nearby.

This facility is home to rooms that prioritize incoming military community members.

The location allows for easy access to the commissary, a gym, and the Navy Exchange within walking distance to allow for mobility within the complex for those coming in without a personal vehicle until more permanent lodgings are made available.

Do attempt to make reservations as early in advance as possible to ensure availability and the best rates. Some, but not all rooms will be pet-friendly. Call ahead for reservations at (850) 623-7605.


The nearest airport to Whiting Field is the Pensacola Florida International Airport. Without a shuttle service to the base, transportation options are limited to taxi service and ride share. Keep receipts for transportation fees associated with arriving at the base.

Make sure to give instructions to take you to the front gate with your military ID and orders in hand.

The Pensacola Regional Airport is another nearby option to fly into the area, but will require driving time to arrive at the base. There is no local transportation once on base. Those with a personal vehicle may find it more convenient to drive to the base using Highway 87.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

Vehicles entering NAS Whiting Field may be subject to inspection at any time. Anytime you drive on base, be prepared to show your vehicle registration, driver’s license ID and insurance documents.

If you need to register your vehicle with the state of Florida, do so with the Santa Rosa County Clerk’s office within 30 days of arrival. Make sure to mention your military orders. Visitors will need to gain a visitor pass at the gates with all the aforementioned documentation ready to present.

All vehicles will need to follow traffic laws, including a base speed limit of 25 mph, and keep passenger seatbelts fastened, including safety seats for young children. Hands-free devices should be used to avoid fines when the vehicle is in motion.

No personal weapons should be carried in the vehicle, and any personal weapon should be registered with the base. Motorcycle drivers should follow the same regulations and also use safety equipment including helmets at all times.

NAS Whiting Field Schools

Currently, there are schools on the NAS Whiting Field facility, so most service member students register at the schools in the Santa Rosa County School District, with some runover into Escambia County Schools. For some schools, busing is available.

To register, students must show their previous school records, immunization records and proof of parent residency in the area. This district has many schools to serve the large community. Schools in the area include but are not limited to:

  • Allen Elementary
  • Blue Angels Elementary
  • Cook Elementary
  • Ferry Pass Elementary
  • Longleaf Elementary
  • Warrington Elementary
  • Bellville Middle
  • Ferry Pass Middle
  • Avalon Middle
  • Hobbs Middle
  • King Middle
  • Escambia High
  • Pensacola High
  • Pine Forest High
  • Tate High
  • Washington High

Colleges and Universities

Although there are no college facilities on base at NAS Whiting Field, the Installation Education Center can still help those looking to continue their education. Military service members and spouses can use the services of education and career coaches to evaluate options.

Call a Career Coach at (800) 342-9647. Two local colleges that support military lifelong learners include Pensacola State College and Pensacola State College Milton Campus, offering a variety of degrees and degree programs that the G.I. Bill may support.

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7550 USS Essex St.
Milton, FL 32570-6013
(850) 623-7084

  • Barracks/Single Service Member Housing (850) 623-9726
  • Child Development Center (850) 623-7472
  • Commissary (850) 623-7131
  • Housing (850) 623-9726
  • ID/CAC Card Processing (850) 623-7587
  • School Liaison (850) 665-6105
  • Temporary Lodging/Billeting (850) 623-9726
  • Welcome Center/Visitor Center (850) 623-7606

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