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Naval Station Mayport

From 1942 until today, Naval Station Mayport has continued to branch out and grow. Located in Mayport, Florida, near Jacksonville, NS Mayport is recognized as one of the largest fleet concentration areas in the country.

NS Mayport employs about 8,000 service members and supports their families through efficient and ample community services. The beach location offers warm weather and many vias for outdoor active recreation.

Naval Station Newport History

At the mouth of the St. John’s River, a site was chosen in 1942 to become Naval Station Mayport. Its unique location has drawn the attention of seagoers since 1522 with the arrival of Commodore Jean Ribault. Years following witnessed conflicts between the French and the Spanish, eventually sending the French out of the area.

1942 was a year of change and thus, the site was established as a naval station to help with World War II. With the close of the war not long after, it was reverted to a Coast Guard Boot Camp for a few years. The 1950s saw expansion for the site and the emergency of Navy traffic flowing through the waters.

NS Mayport played an important role in developing the automatic teletype system, pushing forward technology we use today. The site also helped recover astronauts after their mission in the 1960s. In the following decades, NS Mayport sent ships, staff and supplies to help troops in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, as well as the war on terror.

This millennia, NS Mayport has been refurbished and polished to continue to serve the area and the nationwide community.

Surrounding Area

A short stint from Jacksonville, Florida, is the site of Naval Station Mayport. On the northeastern side of Florida, this station is near the St. Johns River and the Atlantic coast. Most residents enjoy the sunny weather and the busy seaport with many seashore attractions to visit. Visitors and residents enjoy kayaking, hiking and walks along the shore.  Some favorite local natural sites include:

  • Little Talbot Island State Park
  • Dutton Island Preserve
  • Fort George Island Cultural State Park
  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna State Park
  • Huguenot Memorial Park

Mission and Units

Naval Station Mayport was designed to support warfighter readiness and ensure its fleets have all materials and training at their disposal to continue to promise safety and security for the nation. Major units at this site are as follows:

  • Afloat Training Group Mayport (ATG)
  • Branch Medical Clinic (BMC)
  • Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville
  • Commander Destroyer Squadron Four Zero (CDS 40)
  • Commander U.S. Fourth Fleet (C4F)
  • Commander, Naval Surface Squadron Fourteen (CNSS 14)
  • Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) Detachment Mayport
  • Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Four Eight (HSM 48)
  • Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Four Zero (HSM 40)
  • Helicopter Strike Maritime Weapons School (HSMWSL)
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Mayport
  • Naval Legal Service Office (NLSO) Mayport Detachment
  • Naval Station Mayport (NAVSTA)
  • Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC)
  • USCGC Valiant (WMEC 621)
  • USS Carney
  • USS Delbert D. Black (DDG 119)
  • USS Donald Cook
  • USS Farragut (DDG 99)
  • USS Jason Dunham (DDG 109)
  • USS Lassen (DDG 82)
  • USS Mason (DDG 87)
  • USS The Sullivans (DDG 68)

In-Processing and Check-In

Service members arriving at Naval Station Headquarters should present in the appropriate uniform of the day and season. New arrivals should report to Naval Station Headquarters in Building 1.

If you are assigned to a tenant command, head directly to the quarterdeck to the according command. Ship service members should check to see if their ship is in port and if so, arrive at the ship to receive further instructions. If there are remaining questions, report to the Naval Stations Headquarters first for guidance and support.

Child Care

Two Child Development Centers at Naval Station Mayport in the housing community provide full-time and part-time care to registered children from six weeks old to five years. Care can be secured 30 days in advance if available, so it is best to reach out beforehand. The CDC’s are located at 1137 Cove Landing Dr. Atlantic beach and 1650 America St. Atlantic Beach.


The Navy Housing Referral Services Program, or HRS, helps service members with families and single service members find appropriate housing at their new stations, often by using the Navy Housing’s Rental Partnership Program to help with relocation costs.

Most service member families will stay at Naval Station Mayport Homes, a rental home neighborhood supporting the military community. A variety of floorplans are available, but expect a waiting list for all home options in the area, enforcing the need to inquire about housing as soon as possible.

Local communities where the military are housed include Bennett Shores West, Bennett Shores East, Ribault Bay Village (RBV), and Marsh Cove.

Single service members may have room in the barracks, some temporary and some permanent. Reach out to the housing office to secure space in the barracks with time in advance.

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NAS Mayport Commissary

2294 Mayport Road
Jacksonville, FL 32233
(904) 242-5700

The Naval Station Mayport commissary offers daily supplies and groceries to military service members in the area with a wide, fresh selection. The commissary has its own seafood department, deli and bakery for made-to-order needs. Special orders can be made in advance by calling ahead.

PCS and TDY Lodging

Arrange temporary lodging ahead of your arrival as a single service member or with family at the Navy Lodge or other local lodging facility. Make sure to check first with the Navy Lodge. To be approved for accommodations at other motels, you must first get a non-availability certificate from the Navy Lodge. This facility is pet-friendly, but call ahead for reservations to ensure a pet-friendly room is open.

The Navy Lodge is located at 1980 Baltimore Street in Mayport, Florida. Reservations and inquiries can be made by calling (904) 247-3964.


The nearest airport to Naval Station Mayport will be the Jacksonville International Airport (JIA), about half an hour drive from the base. Taxis and rideshare options will be available from the airport but may be at your expense. Make sure to obtain a receipt for transportation in case of reimbursement. There may be bus transportation from the airport, but schedules may vary.

To check bus schedules, call the Jacksonville Transportation Authority at (904) 630-3100.

If driving from the airport, use I-95 south toward Jacksonville to 1-295 South, following signs toward Mayport. If driving in from I-10E, continue to US-17N to I-95, then follow signs toward Mayport.

Note that there is no public transportation once on Naval Station Mayport base, so use of a personal vehicle may be convenient depending on housing arrangements.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

As soon as you enter the main gate at NS Mayport, find the security office in building 1591 for passes and IDs. New arrivals should check-in here for directions and instructions.

Registering a vehicle in Florida requires the title, driver’s license, and proof of sufficient insurance. You must have a VIN inspection and odometer reading and pay registration fees. Military members may file a Military Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit to see if it is possible to waive initial charges.

Military service members may not have to register their own vehicles, but family members should. You may also choose to register your vehicle by following the procedure above.


Naval Station Mayport does not have any DoD on-base schools for young learners, so most students attend schools in Duval County. For those more than two miles away, busing service may be available. The School Liaison office  is at (904) 270-6289 and can provide specifics on programs and buses. With magnet and specialized schools also on the roster, a good fit for any student can be found.

Schools in the area include but are not limited to:

  • Arlington
  • Bayview
  • Don Brewer
  • Cedar Hills
  • Englewood
  • Garden City
  • Highlands
  • Kings Trail
  • Martin Luther King
  • Loretto
  • Oak Hill
  • Pinedale
  • San Jose
  • Waterleaf
  • Westview K-8

Colleges and Universities

Naval Station Mayport has access to several local colleges for those wishing to continue their education. Building 460 on base offers these classes in affiliation with the following schools: Florida State College at Jacksonville, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Saint Leo University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the University of Maryland.

Tuition assistance may be available. Visit the Installation Educational Center to see which degree programs are right for your career path and plan ahead together.

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Welcome / Visitors Center
1983 Mayport Road
Building 1983
Mayport, FL 32228
(904) 270-5401

  • Barracks/Single Service Member Housing (904) 270-5423/5707
  • Child Development Center (904) 247-7740
  • Commissary (904) 242-5700
  • Family Child Care Development Homes (904) 270-6961
  • Hospital (904) 270-4446
  • Housing Office (904) 270-5730
  • ID/CAC Card Processing (904) 270-5585
  • School Aged Care (904) 270-5680
  • School Liaison (904) 270-6289
  • Temporary Lodging (904) 270-5423
  • Welcome Center (904) 270-5585
  • Youth Programs (904) 270-5680

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