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Patrick Space Force Base Guide

Patrick Space Force Base is between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach in Florida. Patrick was one of the first Air Force bases to be redesignated as a Space Force Base. According to the DoD, Patrick is one of two Florida bases to host Space Launch Delta and supports around 75 tenant units and mission partnerships.

Learn more about Patrick Space Force Base, including basic services, transportation, temporary lodging, education, base housing, and inprocessing.

Patrick Space Force Base History

Patrick history starts in the World War Two era as Naval Air Station Banana River and a subordinate base to NAS Jacksonville. The base’s original mission included anti-submarine warfare, and operated for another two years following the war’s end.

The Air Force took over the facility in 1948, and it was renamed the Joint Long Range Proving Ground.

In 1950, the site was redesignated again, named after the Army Major General who founded the Army Air Corps. Mason Patrick’s name has been associated with the base ever since.

1950 was also the year Patrick AFB began operating in the space realm, and Patrick has been associated with space ever since. Patrick served as an operations center for Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Much of the DoD’s involvement in the U.S. space program has been at this base. The two would consolidate under the Eastern Space and Missile Center in 1979.

Fast-forward to the creation of Air Force Space Command in the 1980s, and within ten years of that in 1990, the Eastern Space and Missile Center transferred from Air Force Systems Command to Air Force Space Command. Space missions start becoming a bigger part of the Air Force picture from here.

In 2020, Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station were renamed as the first installations of the U.S. Space Force. According to the DoD, “Patrick Space Force Base is home to Space Launch Delta 45 (SLD 45), now under the new United States Space Force, and serves as the world’s premier gateway to space.”

Surrounding Area

Patrick Space Force Base provides lots of access to outdoor fun, especially on and near the water. Fishing tours are popular, there are plenty of opportunities for diving and snorkeling, and even helicopter tours of the area are available in season.

Space tourism is a major draw here for locals and tourists alike; visit Cape Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center and the Air Force Air And Space Museum to get a look at “big picture” space exploration milestones and history.

Patrick is two hours from Tampa, Florida, which is a draw for those who love professional sports such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays, and plenty of minor league teams. MacDill Air Force Base is nearby, and Patrick is approximately one hour’s drive from Orlando, Florida, and around 70 miles to Disney World.

Hurricane season here is a force to be reckoned with, and it never hurts to pay attention to the weather forecasts ahead of any travel during the season.

Patrick Space Force Base Mission and Units

Important missions and units have included but are not limited to:

  • 5th Wing Plans/Programs
  • 21st Surveillance Squadron
  • 22nd Surveillance Squadron
  • 23rd Analysis Squadron
  • 24th Analysis Squadron
  • 301st Rescue Squadron (301 RQS)
  • 333rd USAF Recruiting Squadron
  • 39th Rescue Squadron (39 RQS)
  • 45th Launch Group 45 LCG
  • 45th Space Communications Squadron
  • 45th Space Wing
  • 5 Space Launch Squadron (5SLS)
  • Air Force Technical Applications Center
  • Det 1 45th MSG
  • Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU)
  • 709th Technical Maintenance Squadron
  • 920th Maintenance Group (920 MXG)
  • 920th Mission Support Group (920 MSG)
  • 920th Operations Group (920 OG)
  • 920th Rescue Wing (920 RQW)
  • DET 1, 45 Mission Support Gp Cape Canaveral AFS
  • DET 2, 45 Mission Support Gp, Ascension Air Force Station
  • DET 3, 45 Operations/Launch Group

In-Processing and Check-In

If you have PCS orders to Patrick Space Force Base, you should inprocess via your gaining squadron commander support staff section. Do this before any other in-processing appointments, and expect to attend a Newcomer Orientation at the Patrick Military & Family Readiness Center on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

If you are TDY to the base, contact your gaining unit or the training unit assigned to for inprocessing procedures.

Child Care

The Patrick SFB CDC offers on-base care for children six weeks to 5 years of age. Options include full day care, hourly care, and Voluntary Pre-K classes. Due to the high demand at Patrick for Child Care, you may experience longer wait list times than you might expect. Alternatives include on-base Family Child Care, which provides options in licensed, supervised on-base homes. Contact the CDC at 321-494-7029 to learn about waitlist signup procedures and current waiting list times.


All PCSing to Patrick are directed to go to the Air Force Housing website to get housing information at Patrick. The DoD also encourages PCSing troops to visit   InMyArea.com “to search for utility providers based on your zip code. This website serves as a one-stop shop where you can explore your options, compare prices, and purchase services,” according to the DoD. You can also contact the Patrick Housing Office directly for more information. They are located at:

514 Falcon Ave.
Bldg. 415
Patrick SFB, FL 32925

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The Patrick Space Force Base Commissary is located at:

1226 S. Patrick Drive
Patrick SFB, FL 32925-3604
321-494-5841 Ext 3425

PCS and TDY Lodging

The Space Coast Inn provides temporary lodging for PCS and TDY travelers. Demand is high and while those traveling on orders have priority, you may need to book a room earlier than usual due to demand. In the past, when booking between March 1 to Sept. 30 each year, only one unit per family or traveler was permitted. Call the Inn for the most current version of this policy which is subject to change due to demand and other issues.

Pet facilities may be very limited, and you may be required to kennel your pets off base. Call for reservations: 321-494-6591


Patrick AFB is accessible from two Florida airports. One is Melbourne International, the other is Orlando International. Florida rush hour is a complicating factor in any travel from the airport, and it is best to contact your sponsor before you start travel to get local advice on dealing with local traffic conditions and commuting time.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

Florida vehicle regulations are more strict than in other states. If you operate a vehicle in the State of Florida for more than 90 days, you must carry personal injury protection and property damage liability insurance coverage required under Florida law.

To drive your vehicle on Patrick SFB, you must be ready to present a current, valid military ID, state registration, current driver’s license, and any decals or stickers required at entry time. Out-of-state service members bringing a vehicle to Florida may be required to pay and register their POV in the state but this depends on the size and use of the vehicle.

Visit the official site of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department to learn more about current requirements for PCSing and TDY service members driving in the state.

Patrick Space Force Base Schools

There are no DoD schools on Patrick SFB, but if you choose to live in on-base housing, your school-age children may attend Brevard County Schools, which may include the following options:

  • Holland Elementary School
  • DeLaura Middle School
  • Satellite Beach High School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • DeLaura Middle School
  • Satellite Beach High School

Bus transportation is provided by the Brevard County School District when schools are further than two miles away. According to local school district literature, transfers and new enrollments require the following:

  • A certificate of immunization or its equivalent from a physician, health department official, or previous school record;
  • A certificate of exemption (temporary medical)
  • A certificate of exemption (permanent medical)
  • A certificate of exemption from immunization on religious grounds

Contact the Patrick SFB School Liaison Office for more information at 321-494-1991.

Patrick Space Force Base Colleges and Universities

The Patrick Education Services Section can provide information about attending classes at any of the following on-base and off-base schools:

  • Keiser University (on base)
  • University of Maryland Global Campus (on base)
  • Eastern Florida State University (off base)
  • Keiser University (off base)
  • University of Central Florida (off base)
  • Florida Institute of Technology (off base)

Call the Education Services Section at DSN 312-854-2072 or 321-494-2072 for more information.

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Patrick Space Force Base Contacts

Space Launch Delta 45
1201 Edward H. White St.
Bldg. 423
Patrick SFB, FL 32925-3439

Important Contact Numbers

  • Base Operator (321) 494-1110
  • Emergency 911
  • ID Card Section 321-494-6144
  • Finance (45 CPTS) 321-494-4882
  • Medical Group 321-494-8241
  • Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute 321-494-6208
  • Base Housing 888-640-7347
  • Passenger Terminal (Space-A Travel) 321-494-5632
  • Lodging (Space Coast Inn) 321-494-5428

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