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Travis Air Force Base Guide

Travis Air Force Base, in Solano County in Northern California, is home to the 60th Air Mobility Wing. The base employs more than 10 thousand active duty and Reserve troops, handling global airlift missions, and is among the largest Air Mobility Command operations in the Air Force. Learn more about Travis Air Force Base, California, including base contact numbers, services, base housing, education, and inprocessing below.

Travis Air Force Base History

Travis AFB has humble beginnings; it started during the World War Two era as Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base. The base opened in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and served as a training base for Army and Navy fighter operations.

By World War Two’s end, Travis was considered the largest aerial port on the West Coast.

In 1949 the base was realigned under Strategic Air Command, operating in the then-new United States Air Force. Travis gained B-29 bombers as well as the B-52 and B-36, forcing an expansion to its current size of over 6 thousand acres.

In the 1990s, Travis AFB was realigned once more, becoming part of the modern Air Mobility Command in 1992. Travis AFB’s missions grew to include the C-5 Galaxy and the C-141 Starlifter. In 2006, another airframe came to Travis: the C-17 Globemaster III.

In the 21st century, Travis Air Force Base has gained a reputation as one of the largest military cargo and passenger transport missions operating in the DoD.

Surrounding Area

Financially speaking, an assignment to Travis AFB can be daunting. According to DoD advice to troops headed to the area on PCS orders, “Solano County is a high cost of living area, members PCSing to Travis are advised to visit their current installations Military & Family Readiness Center to create a budget to ensure financial stability.”

The financial readiness issue is important for everyone living and working in the area. There are a number of high-cost areas surrounding the base, including:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Richmond, CA
  • Oakland, CA

The major cities have big draws for live music, major league sports, performing arts venues, museums, and theme parks.

Closer to the base, Fairfield has various options in the local farmers’ markets, wine-tasting tours, hiking, and other outdoor activities at Rockville Hills Regional Park. There are also a small number of local golf courses.

Mission and Units 2 paragraphs with list

Global mobility is the primary mission at Travis AFB. The base turned 75 years old in 2018, and there have been a variety of critical missions, airframes, and units, including those listed below:

  • 15th Air Mobility Operations Squadron
  • 21st Airlift Squadron
  • 22nd Airlift Squadron
  • 301st Airlift Squadron (Reserve)
  • 312th Airlift Squadron (Reserve)
  • 321 Air Mobility Operations Squadron
  • 349 Aeromed Evacuation Squadron (Reserve)
  • 349 Medical Squadron (Reserve)
  • 349th Aerospace Medical Squadron (Reserve)
  • 349th Aerospace Staging Squadron (Reserve)
  • 349th Air Mobility Operations Squadron (Reserve)
  • 349th Air Mobility Wing (Reserve)
  • 349th Force Support Squadron
  • 349th Logistical Readiness Squadron
  • 349th Maintenance Group
  • 349th Medical Group
  • 349th Mission Support Group
  • 349th Operations Group
  • 45th Aerial Port Squadron (Reserve)
  • 55TH Aerial Port Squadron (Reserve)
  • 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron
  • 60th Aerial Port Squadron
  • 60th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
  • 60th Air Mobility Wing
  • 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • 60th Maintenance Group
  • 60th Medical Group
  • 60th Mission Support Group
  • 60th Operations Group
  • 660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • 6th Air Refueling Squadron
  • 70 Air Refueling Squadron (Reserve)
  • 749 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (Reserve)
  • 79 Air Refueling Squadron (Reserve)
  • 821st Contingency Response Group
  • 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron (CRSS)
  • 82nd Aerial Port Squadron (Reserve)
  • 860th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • 945 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (Reserve)
  • 9th Air Refueling Squadron
  • Air Force Band of the Golden West
  • VQ-3

In-Processing and Check-In

New arrivals reporting during normal duty hours are directed to check in with their gaining unit’s Command Support Staff. Those who arrive after duty hours are directed to check in at the 24-hour arrival point at the Westwind Inn Lodging Office.

Travis AFB official welcome information advises, “Once you have a permanent address, please ensure Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance and SGLI Online Enrollment System are updated via milConnect as well as your Virtual Record of Emergency Data and personal contact information via Virtual Military Personnel Flight.”

A mandatory newcomer’s orientation starts at 7 AM every Thursday, which is required for all new arrivals within 60 days of reporting to Travis AFB.

If you need permissive TDY orders for house hunting, you must get orders from your gaining unit. Know that typically, you must complete Sections One through Four of the Travis AFB in-processing checklist requirements before you can take PTDY.

Child Care

Travis AFB is served by three Child Development Centers (CDCs). These facilities are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Demand for childcare at California military bases is high; expect waiting lists to apply. The three CDCs at Travis are:

  • Child Development Center I – Located in Buildings 664 and 665.
  • Child Development Center II – Located in Building 668.
  • Child Development Center III – Located in Building 7690.

Some CDC services at Travis AFB are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 707-424-4585 to discuss programs, waiting list issues, and availability.


Housing at Travis AFB is privatized. Though the branding is for “Travis Family Homes,” these communities are administered by Balfour Beatty Communities. Official Travis AFB welcome literature notes, “Housing includes two, three and four-bedroom units which are located in five different neighborhoods.”

Contact the Travis Air Force Base Housing Office at 707-424-1746 for more information. Waiting lists will apply; military families typically must wait until they have PCS orders to enter the waiting list.

Unaccompanied military members in ranks between E1-E4 with less than three years of military service may be offered unaccompanied on-base military housing. All others may be required to live off-base.

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The Travis Air Force Base Commissary is located at:

460 Skymaster Drive
Travis AFB, CA 94535
707-437-4004 Ext 3425

PCS and TDY Lodging

The Westwood Inn offers temporary lodging at Travis AFB in California. Rooms are available for up to five family members plus an infant.

Those traveling on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders or house hunting in the area on Permissive TDY orders can request a reservation 90 days before the arrival date. Military orders may be required at the time of registration. Make reservations at 707-424-8000.


There is no base transportation at Travis. The closest airports to the base area are Sacramento International Airport (SMF), over 40 miles from the base and Oakland International Airport (OAK), over 55 miles away.

Travis AFB Vehicle Registration

All privately owned vehicles must be registered with the service member’s orderly room with the following paperwork:

  • Current military I.D.
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current driver’s license
  • Smog certificate

There are special registration requirements for motorcycles-they must be registered. Motorcycle registration is processed at the 60 Security Forces Squadron Pass and ID desk (located in Bldg 381).

There are unique requirements (compared to bases in other states) for “smog checks” for any vehicle operated at Travis AFB, no matter what state that vehicle is registered in.


Travis Unified School District runs on-base elementary schools on base. You may have the option between Scandia Elementary and Travis Elementary; attendance at each depends on where the family lives in on-base housing. This district has other elementary schools, including Cambridge, Center Elementary, and Foxboro.

Golden West Middle School and Vanden High School are just outside Travis AFB and accessible without driving off-base.

Other nearby school districts include Vacaville Unified School District, featuring three high schools, one kindergarten through eighth-grade school, two middle schools, and ten elementary schools). Another option is the Fairfield/Suisun Unified School District with three high schools, five middle schools and several elementary schools.

Travis AFB Colleges and Universities

Official Travis AFB welcome packet includes a reminder about the options offered in California for off-duty education. “California provides a one-year tuition waiver for the spouse and dependents of active duty military personnel while attending community colleges.”

Under the program, non-military spouses and dependents “are entitled to one year of in-state tuition. For example, Solano Community College charges California residents an enrollment fee of $12 per unit. Out-of-state residents pay that fee plus $125 per unit tuition.” You can learn about that program or other education options at Travis AFB by calling the School Liaison Office at 707-424-4345.

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Travis AFB Contacts

Travis AFB
351 Travis Ave
Bldg. 660
Travis AFB, CA 94535

  • Phone 707-424-2486
  • Phone (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • Fax 707-424-4187
  • Fax (DSN) 312-837-4187

Important Travis AFB Phone Numbers

  • Dorms/Single Service Member Housing 707-424-0160, (DSN) 312- 837-0160
  • Child Development Center I 707-424-0341, (DSN) 312-837-0341
  • Child Development Center II, 707-424-5400, (DSN) 312-837-5400
  • Child Development Center III, 707-424-0644, (DSN) 312-837-0644
  • Airman and Family Readiness Center 707-424-2486, (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • David Grant Medical Center 707-423-7007, (DSN) 312-799-7007
  • Deployment Support 707-424-2486, (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • Airman and Family Readiness Center – EFMP Family Support 707-424-2486, (DSN) 707-424-2486
  • Air Force Aid Society 707-424-2486, (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • Family Advocacy Program 707- 423-5168 / 707-424-4911 (Emergency), (DSN) 312-799-5168
  • Family Child Care (FCC) 707-424-4596, (DSN) 312-837-4596
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office (outbound) 707-424-2411, (DSN) 312-837-2411
  • Travis Housing Office 707-424-1746, (DSN) 312-837-1746
  • Housing Referral Office/Housing Privatization 866-971-1719
  • Legal Office 707-424-3251, (DSN) 312-837-3251
  • Military Personnel Flight 707-424-8483, (DSN) 312-837-7654
  • Relocation Assistance 707-424-2486, (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • School Liaison Office/Community Schools 707-424-2486, (DSN) 312-837-2486
  • Temporary Lodging/Billeting (707) 424-8000, (DSN) (312) 837-8000
  • Visitors Center 707-424-1462 opt #3, (DSN) 312-837-7198

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