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U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett Base Guide

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett, California, is an Army Reserve base 250 miles north of Los Angeles. It provides training and support for international troops and has been open in its current form since 2005.

This base is a sub-installation of Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and serves as the Army Reserve Command Western Reserve Training Center. The fort sits on more than 160 thousand acres and is located near many small communities with a strong military presence in the area.

Learn more about Fort Hunter Liggett, including the main commercial and DSN numbers for the base, information on basic services, base transportation, lodging for TDY and PSCing personnel, and inprocessing.

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett History

Fort Hunter Liggett became an Army installation after the federal government acquired the land from William Randolph Hearst and other (not-so-well-known) landowners.

The base is named after Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett, who served as the 41st National Guard Division commander and led the First Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War One.

In the early years until 1952, the fort was under the authority of Camp Roberts in San Miguel. It was later redesignated as a sub-installation of Fort Ord.

In 1975, the base was redesignated as Fort Hunter Liggett Military Installation. Later, the mission would shift from active duty to Army Reserve; Fort Hunter Liggett went Reserve in 1993.

Today, the fort is a sub-installation of Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, and is the site of the Army Reserve Command Western Reserve Training Center.

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett Surrounding Area

The Fort is in an impressive military community with several bases close by, including the Presidio of Monterey. The base is well-located for those interested in exploring the local communities as well as big cities. The fort is about 250 miles from Los Angeles and 150 miles from San Francisco.

Whale watching is popular, and you’ll find family-friendly fun at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Want to do some water-based sightseeing? You’ll find boat tours, kayaking, and plenty of beaches to explore. There are ten beaches within 30 miles of the base.

California is famous for its wine-centric tours with local wine growers and local wine cellars, and there is no shortage of film industry tours in the usual California tourist attractions.

Golfers should explore the Del Monte Golf Course and Monterey Pines Golf Club, and those in the know will want to give nearby Pebble Beach a try.

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett Mission and Units

Fort Hunter Liggett is among the largest military installations in the Army Reserve, with approximately 160 thousand acres dedicated to year-round training. The appeal of this base for Army Reserve mission planners? It has an environment “that resembles 20 percent of the world’s terrain,” according to the DoD.

The base provides firing ranges and training areas for training with current weapons systems and those under development by the Defense Department.

Important missions and units have included:

  • 91st Training Division
  • Logistics Readiness Center
  • 31st Seabee Readiness Group
  • Equipment Concentration Site
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Network Enterprise Center
  • 80th Training Command
  • 3-356th Logistics Support Battalion/189th CAB

In-Processing and Check-In

If you are PCSing to Fort Hunter Liggett, get check-in instructions from your gaining unit. You should have a sponsor assigned when you get PCS orders; contact the sponsor to learn current in-processing requirements.

You should hand-carry all orders, amendments, travel documents, medical records, and military service/education records to your in-processing appointment. Call 831-386-3875 for assistance getting on-post for the first time if you have questions.

Child Care

On-base child care is provided by the Fort Hunter Liggett Child & Youth Services Child Development Center, offering programs for children starting at six weeks old and up.

Call Fort Hunter Liggett Child and Youth Services at (831)-386-2605 to learn about requirements for waiting lists, fee structures, and service hours.


Fort Hunter Liggett has a high demand for its limited number of on-base homes. Contact the Fort Hunter Liggett Housing Office at 831-386-2075/3197/2845 for information on waiting lists and housing availability.

According to the DoD, all new arrivals who seek on-base housing must submit a DD-1746 Application for Family Housing and a copy of their orders. DOD civilians must have a copy of your employment offer letter and proof of dependent status to qualify for Army Family Housing at Fort Hunter Liggett.”

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The Fort Hunter Liggett Commissary is located at:

Building S-182 Friendship Lane
Ft Hunter Liggett, CA 93928

PCS and TDY Lodging

There is high demand for temporary lodging here, especially during the busy PCS and TDY season. According to the DoD, billeting availability “changes daily depending upon inbound personnel.”

Call the Billeting Office at 831-386-2535/2644 when you have orders to reserve a room or learn how to get a statement of non-availability allowing you to be reimbursed for off-base lodging.

The DoD official site for Fort Hunter Liggett states, “All personnel will need to submit a TSR-Form Training Support Request Form for Billeting and a copy of the soldier’s orders for all Mobilized and/or Active Guard Reserve Soldiers requiring UPH quarters.”


The nearest airport is San Jose International Airport, located about 134 miles from the fort.

Rush hour and weather complications may result in this drive being much longer depending on circumstances–talk to your sponsor to plan your arrival and check-in for best results. If you have never driven in California before, you’ll need your sponsor’s advice.

The usual ride-sharing, commercial taxis, and shuttles may be available on arrival, depending on time of day, demand, and other variables. California has unique travel issues, and you should be prepared for longer-than-usual commute times, especially during rush hour.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

Fort Hunter Liggett conducts 100% ID checks and random searches. If you are driving a rental car on the installation, you must have all the paperwork for the rental, including the rental agreement and proof of insurance.

The State of California has Evidence of Financial Responsibility laws for all drivers. You are required to carry sufficient auto insurance up to specific dollar amounts.

In the past, those requirements have included a minimum $15,000 for death or injury to any person, $30,000 for death or injury (more than one person), and $5,000 for property damage coverage. Ask your sponsor what current laws might affect you when you start driving in California.


There is only basic information on local schools on the Fort Hunter Liggett official site. There are no DoD schools on post, but several local school districts are available. Contact the Fort Hunter Liggett Child And Youth Services office at (831)-386-2605 for assistance on transfer requirements to local schools, school year start dates, immunizations, etc.

Local area school attendance may be based on your zip code or the location of your home. Local districts include but are not limited to:

  • San Antonio Union School District
  • King City Union School District
  • Santa Lucia Elementary School
  • Del Rey Elementary School
  • Chalone Peaks Middle School
  • King City High School
  • King City Arts Magnet School

Colleges and Universities

The Fort Hunter Liggett official site does not list an education office. Local colleges include:

  • California State University Monterey Bay
  • Monterey College of Law
  • Monterey Peninsula College
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies

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Fort Hunter Liggett Contacts

Main address and phone:

Bldg. 238 California Avenue
Jolon, CA 93928

Important Fort Hunter Liggett Contact Numbers

  • Billeting (Troop Barracks) 831-386-2644
  • Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) 831-386-2605
  • Emergency Mgt 831-386-3209
  • Range Safety 831-386-2310
  • Range Operations 831-386-3060/2482
  • Range Scheduling 831-386-2744/2510
  • Security, AT/Intel 831-386-3816
  • Training Mgt. 831-324-5304
  • Police: 831-386-2526
  • Fire: 831-386-2517
  • Human Resources 831-386-2584/2502
  • Public Works 831-386-2866
  • Environmental 831-386-2791
  • Family Advocacy Program 831-386-2378
  • Housing Services 831-386-2075
  • ID Card Office 831-386-2584
  • Lodging (IHG) 831-386-2511
  • Military Personnel Division 831-386-3009
  • Network Enterprise Center (NEC) Help Desk: 1-866-335-2769
  • Police Department (Non-Emergency) 831-386-2513
  • Emergency 9-1-1
  • SHARP – Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention 925-875-4370\

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