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U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion Base Guide

U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion (also known as USAREC Los Angeles Battalion) is located in Encino and is part of a “geographically dispersed” Army Recruiting operation that features five companies in California (operating in Fresno, Bakersfield, and Gold Coast) working under the Army’s Central California Recruiting Battalion.

Learn more about USAREC Los Angeles Battalion, including information on basic services, in-processing, child care, off-duty education, and more below.

U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion History

In 1964, the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) was, according to Army.mil, “activated as a single command to handle recruiting and retention for the Active Army as a whole,” and since 1964, the operation has grown to an area of responsibility of more than 2500 miles.

There are more than 200 military members and more than 30 civilians employed by the Battalion as part of USAREC operations.

Official sources say a major transformation U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion in 2007 included relocation to Encino, where it serves today as the face of the Army’s recruiting efforts in the area.

Surrounding Area

USAREC Los Angeles Battalion is not on a military base. Instead, the Battalion is in the local community, about 35 miles from Los Angeles Air Force Base. There is much to explore, including Hollywood, SoCal beach culture, various music venues and art spaces, etc.

But what should be on the minds of anyone relocating here on PCS or TDY orders? The cost of living, housing, and transportation expenses are often the biggest issues for families PCSing to the LA area.

Finding housing off base is not easy or cheap. The real estate markets here are among the most expensive in the U.S., and new arrivals should not expect military allowances such as BAH and BAS to fully offset the cost of living here.

Rents and sale prices can be as much as 40% higher than the national average, and you should start planning as early as possible to manage your expenses while serving in the Los Angeles area.

U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion Mission and Units

USAREC Los Angeles Battalion is all about recruiting, and in spite of the closeness of nearby Los Angeles Air Force Base (about 35 miles away), some will find themselves assigned to the battalion without the support of a nearby military base.

This is something recruiters must get used to in the early days of their careers, but according to the DoD, USAREC Los Angeles Battalion troops may operate within 50 miles of a military base in the area.

USAREC Units include:

  • San Gabriel Company
  • Long Beach Company
  • San Fernando Company
  • Coastal Company
  • Los Angeles Company

USAREC Los Angeles Battalion In-Processing and Check-In

All PCSing troops are directed to coordinate their arrivals with their sponsor. If you have PCS orders but have not been assigned a sponsor, contact the command support staff or call Soldier & Family Support at 818-401-2774. Due to the unique nature of this assignment typical check-in and inprocessing procedures may vary.

Child Care

There is no Child Development Center specifically for those working at the Battalion. Some use the Los Angeles AFB Child Development Center, but not all have the option, depending on duty location.

At Los Angeles AFB, CDC Care is offered to children ages six weeks to five years old; there is high demand for care, and waiting lists may apply. Part-time care and drop-in care may not be available.

When you get PCS orders to the area, see MilitaryChildCare.com, create a user profile, and begin the process for getting added to the waiting list. Shot records and “proof of military or DoD dependency” may be required.

U.S. Army Recruiting Los Angeles Battalion Housing

No base housing is specifically set aside for those who work for the Battalion, and depending on where you physically serve, you may qualify to apply for base housing at Fort MacArthur, Point Mugu, or Port Hueneme.

If you are coming here on PCS orders, do not enter into legally binding housing agreements until you have discussed housing issues with the sponsor at the gaining unit.

Some may find it necessary to start inprocessing to begin looking for housing due to duty assignment issues; you may be offered up to 10 days of permissive TDY to go house hunting in the area after you report to and check in with the Battalion.

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There is no Commissary at USAREC Los Angeles Battalion.

PCS and TDY Lodging

For PCS and TDY travel to Los Angeles, try the Temporary Living Facility (TLF) located on Fort MacArthur in San Pedro. Those traveling on orders are given booking priority. If space is unavailable in TLF, the Lodging Office provides commercial contract lodging, and you may be required to obtain a statement of non-availability or equivalent.

There is no Los Angeles Air Force Base TLF option available at press time.


Flying into the metro Los Angeles area can be challenging, and it is best to coordinate your arrival with your sponsor for best results navigating local rush hour, tourist season, weather hazards and other driving complications unique to the L.A. area.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

Military members on PCS orders to the Los Angeles Recruiting Battalion who bring vehicles from out-of-state may keep their current state registration, plates, and driver’s license while assigned to the battalion.

See the California Department of Motor Vehicles webpage for the most current information on registration, emissions testing, and mandatory insurance requirements.

USAREC Los Angeles Battalion Schools

There are no DoD schools at USAREC Los Angeles Battalion or any DoD schools at nearby Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Children typically attend school based on the housing location on or off base. If you plan to live in on-base housing in San Pedro, for example, your school-age children may attend Leland Street Elementary School in Fort MacArthur and White Point Elementary School for those living in the Crest or the Heights.

Other options include Dana Middle School and San Pedro High School, which are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

You can contact a School Liaison Office at any of the L.A. area bases nearest you for assistance. There is also a resource available at the Battalion; contact the Soldier and Family Assistance Program Manager at 747-261-8894

Colleges and Universities

USAREC Los Angeles Battalion is not located on a military base, so the usual base Education Office type resources must be found elsewhere, such as at nearby Los Angeles Air Force Base. LA AFB includes on-base university options provided by Webster University, including degrees in the following disciplines:

  • MBA in Management and Leadership
  • MA in Management & Leadership
  • MA in Business & Organizational Security Management
  • MA in Procurement & Acquisitions Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
  • Certificate in Government Contracting

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USAREC Los Angeles Battalion Contacts

US Army Recruiting Battalion-Los Angeles
6337 Balboa Boulevard
Encino, CA 91316

Important Phone Numbers

  • Executive Officer 818-609-0485
  • Advertising & Public Affairs 818-609-7312
  • Recruiter Trainer 818-401-2788
  • Virtual Recruiter Team 818-401-2773
  • Soldier & Family Support 818-401-2774
  • IMO 818-401-2780
  • Education Specialist 818-401-2754
  • S-1 / Personnel 818-401-2757
  • S-2 / Security 818-401-2762
  • S-3 / Operations 818-401-2795
  • S-4 / Supply 818-401-2772

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