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U.S. Army Recruiting Raleigh Battalion Base Guide

United States Army Recruiting Battalion Raleigh is, compared to typical Army operations, quite different than most Army bases.

The Battalion is not located on a military base but is headquartered in the local community in Raleigh, North Carolina. Soldiers assigned to this Battalion may be assigned duty at one of 39 recruiting stations or serve in a recruiting company serving a portion of the Battalion’s 76-county total.

Surrounding Area

The Raleigh, North Carolina area is where USAREC Raleigh Battalion is headquartered, but that does not automatically mean that troops assigned here will be physically stationed in Raleigh.

Many PCSing to this area will serve elsewhere in the state.

Within the Battalion’s total jurisdiction, there are multiple military installations to use for BX/PX, commissary, base clinics, MWR, or Outdoor Recreation services. They include:

  • Fort Bragg, NC
  • Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
  • Fort Jackson SC
  • Fort Lee, VA

Those with orders to PCS to the Battalion should contact their sponsor to discuss possible duty locations within the state. The nature of this type of assignment can complicate pre-PCS travel needs like signing up for childcare and housing.

Mission and Units

Recruiting is the primary mission of this Battalion, and consists of the following companies:

  • Charlotte
  • Fayetteville
  • Greenville
  • Wilmington
  • Winston-Salem

Army recruiting efforts are typically located in the local community and not headquartered on a military base. USAREC headquarters is responsible for multiple recruiting companies across more than 70 counties.

There are several military bases within the Raleigh Battalion area of operations:

  • Fort Bragg:
  • Camp Lejeune
  • MCAS Cherry Point
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Other nearby bases include:

  • Fort Jackson SC
  • Fort Lee, VA

In-Processing and Check-In

All soldiers PCSing to the Battalion are directed to check in with their gaining unit. When you receive PCS orders, contact the Battalion at 919-850-3201 or 919-954-7568 to discuss your arrival, housing, schools, and other issues.

Expect to hand-carry the following documents to your in-processing appointment:

  • PCS orders
  • Original DA 31 (leave form)
  • Finance packet
  • Last NCOER & ASI orders (provided by the Army Recruiter School)
  • Army Recruiter Course (ARC) graduation certificate (unless coming from OCONUS)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Information to update DD 93 and SGLI
  • Military ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • Accident Avoidance Course Certificate
  • DA 705 and DD 5500/5501 if applicable
  • Information Assurance/Awareness Training Certificates


There is no commissary located at Battalion headquarters but other military bases in the surrounding area have them.

Child Care

There are no Child Development Centers at USAREC Raleigh Battalion Headquarters but there may be a CDC or other on-post options depending on where you are physically assigned within the state.

Use the Military Child Care official site to locate child care in the Raleigh area and beyond.


The Raleigh Battalion has its headquarters in the civilian community, so no base housing office is available. You should talk about housing issues with your sponsor, learn which military bases might be closest to your area of duty, and determine which Base Housing Office or its equivalent can help.

Do not commit to housing until you have talked to your sponsor and the S-1 section (Military Personnel at (919) 850-3201) since your duty location may not be at the main Battalion building.

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PCS and TDY Lodging

For those PCSing to the Raleigh area, commercial hotels or other options are available but there are no military lodges or Army IGH options at USAREC Headquarters. Contact your sponsor for assistance getting temporary housing in the local area.


Raleigh Durham is the closest airport to USAREC Raleigh Battalion HQ. The airport is approximately 11 miles away. Fayetteville Airport is roughly 50 miles from the Battalion. Piedmont Triad is the farthest, some 80 miles from Raleigh. Coordinate with your gaining unit as early as possible to ensure a smooth arrival.

The usual ride-sharing and commercial taxis/shuttles may be available at your airport depending on the time and day of arrival but know that rush hour, tourist season, and other variables may all affect your commute times from landing to check-in.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

You will need the title for your vehicle to register it as a newcomer in the state. For new vehicles, the laws of the State of North Carolina say the manufacturer’s certificate of origin is considered an “official transfer document.”

Those new to North Carolina and those who purchased a vehicle already registered in North Carolina must present the certificate of title properly assigned by the former owner.

Renewing a North Carolina driver’s license (or ID card) cancels out any licenses or ID from other states through the State-to-State Verification program​. There is no base to register a vehicle with at USAREC Raleigh, but you may be required to register on base at some or all of the military bases in the state.


Due to the unique nature of Army Recruiting and work at USAREC Raleigh Battalion, school choice heavily depends on location. PCSing troops may not know in advance where they will physically serve within the state, so it is wise to discuss school choice issues with your sponsor.

It is also a good idea to contact Soldier & Family Assistance at (919) 600-5586 to discuss school choice, enrollment and transfer requirements, and education records.

Colleges and Universities

USAREC Raleigh Battalion is not located on a military base, so there is no Education Office to provide services. Depending on where you are assigned physically in the state, you may be able to use the Education Office at one of the following North Carolina bases:

  • Fort Bragg:
  • Camp Lejeune
  • MCAS Cherry Point
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

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Main Address & Telephone Number

U.S. Army Recruiting Raleigh Battalion
117 Poplarwood Court
Suite 218
Raleigh, NC 27604

Important Raleigh Battalion Contact Numbers

  • Battalion Headquarters (919) 875-0729
  • Executive Officer (919) 872-3329
  • Recruiter Trainer (919) 872-9111
  • Soldier &  Family Assistance (919) 600-5586
  • Budget, Accounting & Civilian Personnel (919) 872-3289
  • Information Management (919) 872-9123
  • Education Specialist (919) 875-0732
  • Facilities (919) 954-7527
  • S-1 (Military Personnel) (919) 850-3201
  • S-3 (Operations)(919) 872-9111
  • S-4 (Logistics) (919) 872-8697

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