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Military Changing Policies on Marijuana Use Among New Recruits

In late 2023, published reports noted that in the first year of an Air Force marijuana waiver pilot program, waiver requests from potential recruits were three times the anticipated volume. In 2024, the military seems forced to reckon with its older substance policies in light of continued problems filling the ranks with recruits. A sea… Read more »

Government Shutdown Temporarily Delayed

A partial government shutdown has been delayed for now thanks to a last-minute temporary funding extension passed in the House and Senate. While that sounds like a small victory, some believe this news is actually a failure of leadership in Washington to get a full federal budget sorted out and get the government working properly…. Read more »

Military ID Cards by Mail: More Options

The Defense Department has expanded a pilot program allowing some military families to renew their military ID cards by mail. A program started in 2023 allowing stateside ID card renewal options for military family members has expanded to include retirees, their dependents, and members of the Reserve to participate. Now, more military families have expanded… Read more »

Why You Should Take the 2024 Survey of Active Duty Spouses

Are you an active-duty military spouse interested in giving the Defense Department a piece of your mind about military quality of life? 2024 is your year because the Pentagon actively seeks participants for its quality of life survey. Since 1985, military spouses have had the opportunity to speak their minds about military quality of life… Read more »

DoD Wants to Reduce Food Insecurity in the Military

It’s a simple question. Why does the Department of Defense, a federal agency with an $800 billion-plus budget, have an issue with some of its troops going hungry or having limited access to nutritional food? And no simple answers are forthcoming in 2024. However, according to a government report issued in December, the DoD is… Read more »

Defense Budget Warning From Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warns that PCS moves and military construction projects may be threatened if lawmakers in the House and Senate can’t agree to a full-year defense budget. The DoD would be nearly $6 billion short if a full-year Pentagon spending bill cannot be agreed to. A Brief History of… Read more »

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) Open Season

The 2023 Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) Open Season is now closed. It ran until December 11, 2023, and after that date, the enrollment period was closed until the same time in the following year. What Is DCFSA Open Season? This is the period of time when you may set up a DCFSA to… Read more »

Military Quality of Life Panel Recommends Fewer PCS Moves, Child Care GI Bill

In June 2023, the House Armed Services Committee issued a press release announcing the committee’s then-brand-new military Quality of Life Panel, designed to address “issues that impact U.S. service members and their families, including compensation, child care, housing, support programs for spouses of service members, and health care.” The panel began its work in 2023… Read more »

Air Force Switches to Digital Promotion Testing

The Air Force is going “green” with promotion testing, announcing all Air Force Bases are expected to be ready to switch to an all-digital testing format in early 2024. At press time many overseas bases have issued press releases announcing their readiness for the new testing season, and all bases are expected to administer digital… Read more »

More Delays to PCS Move Reform

Update 2/22/24 U.S. Transportation Command has announced a series of test moves under the new PCS contractor, HomeSafe Alliance. A series of test PCS moves begins in March 2024 at select U.S. military bases after the contractor announced it had solved critical issues with web-based apps developed to help military families track their household goods…. Read more »