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VA Updates Service-Connected Disability Rating Schedule

The Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities, or VASRD, is the VA reference for assigning disability ratings for service-connected medical conditions. It was updated in 2024.

Those updates include modified ratings and criteria for some 55 medical conditions, including changes to how the VA rates certain digestive conditions.

VA Secretary for Benefits Josh Jacobs, quoted in a VA press release, notes, “The updates will bring the rating criteria more closely in line with the stated purpose of the rating schedule, which is to provide evaluations based upon average impairment of earning capacity for each and every Veteran.”

We examine some of the most important updates below.

VA Disability Rating For Celiac Disease

The VA disability rating schedule was modified in 2024 to include assigning unique criteria to celiac disease, a condition that prevents sufferers from processing gluten properly.

  • Over time, celiac disease can cause severe symptoms from lack of absorption of nutrients.
  • Children present symptoms more often than adults.
  • If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, your doctor may instruct you to eat a gluten-free diet or refer you to a specialist to help balance your diet, or provide other treatments.

How the VA Updated Celiac Disease Rating Criteria

The prior VA disability assessment featured a range of zero to 30 percent. The VA disability rating schedule has been updated to include a range between zero to 80 percent.

VA Disability Rating For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

According to the National Institute for Health, irritable bowel syndrome is a set of symptoms that happen simultaneously including pain and bowel movement changes.

  • Those changes may include constipation or diarrhea without other digestive diseases.
  • Although the cause is unclear, many doctors suggest diet changes, lifestyle changes, probiotics, and stress relief techniques to alleviate and lessen symptoms.
  • Once diagnosed, your doctor will recommend the most effective treatment path.

How the VA Updated IBS Rating Criteria

IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ratings have been adjusted from the zero, 10, and 30 percent ratings available in the past. The VA has added a 20% disability rating, and it assigns these ratings based on the frequency of the symptoms.

VA Disability Rating For Hemorrhoids

Commonly referred to as piles, hemorrhoids occur when rectal veins or blood vessels swell and inflame.

  • External hemorrhoids cause itching; internal hemorrhoids can bleed.
  • Causes are sometimes hereditary but can be triggered by constipation, aging or a diet low in fiber.
  • Changing these lifestyle habits may prevent and help heal hemorrhoids.
  • Medication may provide relief for pain, swelling, and itching.

How the VA Updated the Disability Schedule for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are now rated depending on the severity of the symptoms. Mild symptoms were rated at zero percent in the past, while 10 to 20 percent was given for severe symptoms.

The revised ratings system allows a 10 percent evaluation for mild to moderate hemorrhoids. If the symptoms continue, worsen, or are unbearable, you may need to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

What to Know About VA Compensation For Service-Connected Medical Conditions

Increasing compensation for these conditions is not automatic. Those who wish to be considered for increased compensation must apply. You may be required to submit supporting medical evidence for your claim, and it’s crucial to have all medical records related to your claim sent to the VA.

VA compensation for service-connected disabilities has changed a great deal in the last decade. If you have not updated your VA profile in some time, it’s smart to do so first before submitting new claims.

For a full list of the conditions and changes, visit the Federal Register webpage. For questions about VA benefits or to apply, visit the  VA benefits page.


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