Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Veterans Affairs Announces New Mission Statement

The Department of Veterans Affairs has updated its mission statement to better reflect its’ 21st century goals to care for all who have served, their families, care providers, and survivors. The VA serves well over 600 thousand women vets, 600 thousand surviving family members, and approximately 50 thousand caregivers in addition to the rest of… Read more »

VA Responds to Increase In VA Benefit Scams

An increase in VA benefits scams aimed at those claiming new benefits or appealing VA decisions has prompted action from the federal government. The Department of Veterans Affairs has responded to increased VA benefits scams by launching an awareness campaign on its official site and in VA facilities. The VA added a page to… Read more »

Department of Veterans Affairs Resources for LGBTQ+ Veterans

Update: September 21, 2023: The Department of Veterans Affairs initiated a records review of military discharges issued under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy which was ended in 2011. If you were given a punitive discharge under this policy and wish to have your discharge upgraded, see the DoD official site to learn how to… Read more »