health benefits

New Rule May Help Veterans Pay for Non-VA Emergency Care

The Expansion of Veteran Eligibility for Reimbursement Act created options to help qualifying veterans who had to pay for emergency care at non-VA facilities. But there were issues around certain aspects of the Act. Now, in February 2023, the VA has created a “final rule.” It provides, among other things, VA payments for non-VA emergency room care for certain veterans who have sought emergency care since 2010. Learn more.

Military Family Leave policy

Expanded Military Parental Leave Program

On January 4, 2023, the Department of Defense Military Parental Leave program was upgraded to allow up to more time on parental leave and expand the opportunities to take it. In the past DoD policy allowed a birth parent to take six weeks of convalescent leave. There was no provision for the “non-birthing parent” to… Read more »

TRICARE for Guard and Reserve

TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve Members

Members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their families may be eligible for TRICARE. Eligibility depends on the service member’s status and may vary as a result. Learn more.