Military Spouse Jobs

military spouse jobs

Transition Employment Assistance For MIlitary Spouses and Caregivers

The Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Labor with a mission to assist military members, veterans, and spouses to “ reach their full potential in the workplace.” Under VETS, there are programs created specifically to help military spouses with the same types of transition assistance offered to… Read more »

Military spouse jobs

Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act

In the first week of 2023, the President signed the Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act, which is part of the Veterans Auto and Education Improvement Act of 2022. This move is meant to help military spouses to transfer professional licenses when following a spouse to a new military assignment. The act is not just a… Read more »

Military Spouse Jobs overseas

Overseas Military Spouse Career Options

Discover various career options available for overseas military spouses. Get the resources, support, and guidance needed to advance your career. Learn more.

PCS friendly businesses

PCS Friendly Business Ideas

Looking For a New Business Idea that You Can Easily Take with You During Military Life? As a military spouse, you want to be able to have your own career. This can be complicated with frequent moves, and just the uncertainty of military life. One option is to run your own business. Here are a… Read more »

Veteran Entrepreneurs Use Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs is an amazing resource for veteran entrepreneurs and military spouses. Through like-minded communities and classes, Bunker Labs provides the resources that can help launch a small business or startup.

wells fargo glide-relaunch

Wells Fargo Glide-Relaunch: Military Spouse Internship Program

The Glide-Relaunch Program is a paid internship-to-full-time program that assists spouses in returning to the workforce after taking a break of at least two years. Participants of this program are granted a significant string of benefits related to well being, financial security, retirement, and work-life balance.

military spouses remote jobs

Remote Jobs Program For Military Spouses

Are you a military spouse working remotely for a small business? Or do you want to work remotely? Are you a small business that has military spouse employees?

The MilSpouse Remote Telework Grant Program is now back, after a pause during 2020. The program’s goal is to help military spouses keep their employment during and after a PCS.  Learn more.

Military Spouse Business

6 Military Spouse-Owned Businesses

On this Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we celebrate all military spouses and we honor their sacrifices. Additionally, we highlight 5 businesses that are owned and operated by a military spouse!