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PCS Friendly Business Ideas

PCS friendly businesses

Looking For a New Business Idea that You Can Easily Take with You During Military Life?

As a military spouse, you want to be able to have your own career. This can be complicated with frequent moves, and just the uncertainty of military life. One option is to run your own business. Here are a few ideas of PCS friendly businesses you can take with you when you move every few years.


As a freelancer, you have a lot of flexibility in how much you work, who you do work for, and what you work on. You can be a freelance writer, freelance editor, freelance graphic designer, and more. There are many companies out there looking for this type of work and willing to pay for a freelancer.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you would specialize in offering administrative services from a remote location. Your tasks can include email management, booking appointments, calendar management, booking travel, file management, social media, and more. You can work as a virtual assistant from almost anywhere, no matter where the client might live.

Blogger or Podcaster

Whether you like to write or talk, starting a blog, podcast, or even a social media account can be a good way to get your voice out there and work towards running your own business. You would want to find a niche you are interested in and commit to posting regularly. You can earn money with ads, sponsored posts, affiliates, and more.


If you like to help children, tutoring is a great option. You can do this virtually or in person working with kids from K-12. You can work for yourself or even through a company such as Tutor.com.

Creating Online Products

If you are a creative person, selling your products online is a great way to make money. You can put your products on Spouse-ly, an online marketplace for military spouses, veterans, and first responders. Websites such as Etsy and Zazzle offer ways to sell your products, with or without having to keep an inventory. You can make physical products, digital products, or have products made by a 3rd party.

Teaching Online

If you want to teach children or teens, you can do that online from anywhere you might be stationed. You can do this in different ways. You can work as a teacher for a virtual school or work for a company like VIPKID as an independent contractor. Through VIPKID you could teach children in foreign countries English remotely.

Web Design

Designing websites for individuals and companies can be a great way to make an income. You can use your creativity, and knowledge of tech to create the websites. You can have several clients at once, and take as much work as you are able to manage.

FCC Provider

If you love children, you could apply to be a FCC Provider. FCC or Family Child Care Providers offer childcare in their homes from babies up to age 12. You can do this whether you live on your military installation or off. You will need to be certified and meet the requirements in order to get started. People always need good and flexible childcare in the military community.

House Cleaning

Just like childcare, military families are always in need of housekeeping services, especially when getting ready for a PCS. If you enjoy this type of work, setting up a house cleaning service can be a good way to earn money within the military community.

Living in the time we do, there are so many options for starting your own business and making money from home, no matter where you might live in the world.





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