TRICARE Cost Increases In 2023

TRICARE has released its fee structure for 2023, which includes increases for certain services and options beginning on 1 January in the new year. Fee increases affect some TRICARE enrollees differently than others. You will need to know the increases for your specific demographic and/or selected TRICARE plan as they may be different from other… Read more »

TRICARE Open Season Checklist 2022

Fall is TRICARE Open Season; this is the time when military families can make changes to their TRICARE coverage without requiring a major life event, such as a birth or death in the family.

TRICARE pharmacy

Thousands of Rural Pharmacies to Depart TRICARE Network

In October of 2022, some 400 thousand TRICARE beneficiaries could be forced to search for a new retail pharmacy as thousands of rural pharmacies depart the network. In 2021, Walmart left the TRICARE pharmacy network. It was a move widely reported at the time as being associated with a dispute with the TRICARE pharmacy management… Read more »


TRICARE: A Comprehensive Guide

When you join the United States military, you become eligible for healthcare coverage under the military’s health insurance program, TRICARE. For those who serve this is not optional, but for dependents and spouses, there are ways to use TRICARE as their main coverage or as a supplement to health insurance they get elsewhere through an… Read more »


TRICARE Qualifying Life Events and Your Health Insurance

When you enroll in TRICARE, your status as a single or married service member determines the type of coverage you’ll enroll in. So does your status as an active duty service member. When these things change, they may be considered Qualifying Life Events, which provides an opportunity to modify your TRICARE coverage within a 90-day… Read more »

TRICARE and other health insurance

Using Other Health Insurance Besides TRICARE

TRICARE is a healthcare program for military members and their families. This health coverage is offered to qualifying military members on active duty, in the Guard and Reserve, veterans, and military retirees. TRICARE is also offered to surviving spouses and dependents, and even “certain former spouses” according to TRICARE is offered stateside, overseas, and… Read more »

TRICARE for retirees

TRICARE for Active Duty Military Retirees

Many who retire from active duty military service are a decade or more away from qualifying for Medicare or other age-based services. Your choices for healthcare will be affected by this, and your location (stateside or overseas) is another factor to consider when planning your health care coverage. For the purposes of this article, the… Read more »

TRICARE for Guard and Reserve

TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve Members

Members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their families may be eligible for TRICARE. Eligibility depends on the service member’s status and may vary as a result. Learn more.

TRICARE for Spouses and Dependents

TRICARE is the military health insurance plan for service members and their families. TRICARE automatically covers new troops when they ship out to basic training, but they must enroll themselves and their family members later.



TRICARE is a health care program offered to military members, veterans, & their families.  TRICARE offers coverage and treatment opportunities. Learn more.