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These 8 Commissaries Will Begin Offering Delivery Service June 1st

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Delivery From the Commissary? Yes Please!

In 2019, the Commissary added the Click2Go service allowing patrons to be able to order and pay for their groceries online, and then go to the Commissary and use curbside pick up to get them. This has been a great service but the next step is Commissary delivery. When so many civilian grocery stores are offering this service, it only makes sense that the Commissary does eventually too.

As of now, eight Commissaries in the United States will be getting this service on June 1st. They will be:

  • Fort Belvoir 
  • Fort Bragg South 
  • Fort Lewis
  • MacDill AFB 
  • Miramar MCAS
  • Norfolk NAVSTA 
  • San Diego NB 
  • Scott AFB 

The hope is that eventually, this service will be offered at all of the Commissaries in the U.S. to both on and off post/base patrons. 

As of June 1st, the delivery area will be within 20 miles of the Commissaries. The Defense Commissary Agency, which runs the Commissary, has awarded contracts to two veteran-owned companies, YouUp and ChowCall. Both companies are also actively hiring drivers for this service. 

The cost will be around $4 depending on the company and you will still need to pay the 5% Commissary surcharge. The companies will pick up the groceries from the Commissary but will not pick the groceries from the shelves. That will be done by Commissary employees. 

How will this work?

You would go onto the app or website, place your order, pick a two-hour window, pay for your order, and receive a confirmation email. Then, your order will be sent to the contracted company where the driver will head to pick up your order. Your items will be picked out by the Commissary which will communicate with you if there will be any substitutions, any out-of-stock items, or any other questions they might have. The driver will go to the CC2G parking spaces to pick up your order. They will then deliver to you and you will receive an email that they have done so.

We are unsure about how long it will take for this service to go nationwide. As of now, the contracts will be for 90 days, which would be August 30th. The hope is that these contracts will continue and the doorstop delivery service can continue to expand.

The delivery service adds to the Click2Go service and helps make shopping at the Commissary even easier. 





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