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TRICARE Changes Scheduled For 2025

TRICARE has announced new healthcare provider contracts and expanded services, all scheduled to take effect in 2025. There are several changes with those contracts that TRICARE officials believe will bring improvements, such as more flexibility for in-network care, more telemedicine options, and improved care transfers during PCS moves. Some of these changes were meant to be in place in 2024, but legal issues prevented that from happening.

A TRICARE Contractor Lawsuit

The improvements mentioned above come after much delay in the wake of a court battle between TRICARE and Health Net Federal Services, which previously held a contract for services in the TRICARE West region.

The lawsuit was over the loss of the contract, which was worth approximately $65 billion. That court case ended with the judge deciding in favor of TriWest; the company TRICARE ultimately awarded the contract for the western region.

The lawsuit delayed the implementation of the new TRICARE plans and contractors, which are now slated to operate TRICARE services on a 9-year contract starting in January of 2025, as described by TRICARE:

Starting in 2025, the TRICARE West region is managed by TriWest Healthcare Alliance. That region is set to expand into six states, all formerly assigned to TRICARE East. In 2025, TRICARE West gains Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. The changes in region are designed to make the entire system more efficient.

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The Benefit of Expanding TRICARE West

An official statement on the TRICARE official site notes, “Moving these six states into the West Region will create a more even balance to the TRICARE population each regional contractor manages. The move will also streamline processes and standards for both regions.

The TRICARE East region continues to be run by Humana, providing healthcare services to military families in the eastern portion of the country.

What to Know

These changes in TRICARE contracts are typically not applicable to those using TRICARE For Life, which is managed by WPS Military and Veterans Health.

Those affected by the changes in TRICARE East and TRICARE West regions should know that, according to TRICARE.mil, “How you get your health care won’t change during the transition period.”

Those living in a state moving to TRICARE West should be notified by their provider about any actions that need to be taken during the transition.

Before any TRICARE coverage or care transition happens, it’s smart to ensure you and your dependents are updated in DEERS. If you don’t have fully updated information in the system prior to the transfer, it may complicate care for you and your family. Especially if there is a permanent change of station move involved.

One crucial area to keep updated? Your contact information. According to TRICARE, ensure your most current address, email addresses, and phone numbers are current. You can do so in one of several ways, including logging on to milConnect or;

  • Call 1-800-538-9552
  • TTY/TDD: 1-866-363-2883
  • By mail to: Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office, Attn: COA, 400 Gigling Road, Seaside, CA  93955-6771.

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