Military Benefits

Troops Discharged for Refusing Vaccine May Be Allowed to Rejoin

Approximately 8 thousand troops were discharged during the Coronavirus pandemic because they refused to get a COVID-19 vaccination. In the wake of congressional testimony by the Senior Enlisted Advisors of each branch of the service in late February 2023, many of these troops may be allowed to rejoin their branch of service.

Involuntary Separation Pay

Discover what involuntary separation pay entails for military members, and get insights on your options and benefits. Learn more.

Do I Need A Veteran ID Card?

Access your veteran benefits and privileges with ease by getting a Veteran ID card. Learn more.

2023 Military Benefits Changes & Updates

Military benefits changes and updates for 2023 you need to know. Here are the BAS, BAH, COLA, and other rates subject to change each year.

Active Duty troops

Military Benefits Guide: Active Duty

Explore active duty military benefits for all eligible applicants including active duty, Guard and Reserve, spouses, and dependents.

Increased BAH

DoD Announces Housing Allowance Increases for 2022

Service members in high-cost housing markets are getting financial relief thanks to the orders in a September 22, 2022, Memorandum from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. There are multiple directives in that Memorandum, including a review of the 2023 Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) calculations to keep BAH current with “unusually dynamic fluctuations in the… Read more »

Military Benefits Guide

Comprehensive Military Benefits Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Military Benefits Joining the United States Military as a soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Coast Guard member or Space Force Guardian means accepting a commission or taking an oath of enlistment. The oath describes the new servicemember’s obligations to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign… Read more »