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China Peak Military Discount

China Peak Military Discount

China Peak Mountain Resort is a ski area in Central California named after the mountain Chinese Peak. They offer a military discount on lift tickets. 

What is the Military Discount?

They offer a military discount on lift tickets every day. Non-holiday days are $93, and holiday days are $104. 

Who’s Eligible?

Active duty and their dependents, retired military, and veterans qualify for this discount. 

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to show your military ID. 

Can This Discount Be Used Online?


About China Peak

China Peak began when Knut Flint recognized that skiers in the San Joaquin Valley would have to drive to Lake Tahoe or Badger Pass to go skiing. He then recruited Herbert Schwarz, an Austrian immigrant with ski industry experience to be the general manager of his new resort. The first chair lift was installed during the summer of 1958. In 1960-61, they had to declare bankruptcy and the resort was taken over by others. In 1981, it was purchased by the Snow Summit company and the name was changed to Sierra Summit. Then in 2010, it was sold again and the name changed back to China Peak. They have 45 runs total and their headquarters are in Lakeshore, CA. 

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