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Helpful Places for Military Spouses for Their Education

Organizations and Websites To Help Military Spouses With Their Education

Military Spouse and Education: Helpful Places to Get the Info You Need

So many military spouses want to work on their own education and careers. Whether they are ready to start college for the first time or want to go back for another degree. Whether they are going after a certificate or want to apply to law school. Luckily there are a few organizations and websites military spouses can go for help:

The National Military Family Association

The National Military Family Association has a lot to offer those who want to go to school. They have scholarships and offer sections for those interested in different educational fields and careers. They have one for mental health professionals, teachers, nursing, and stem. In these sections, you can learn more about the field, licenses, and fees, and join Facebook groups to help you along the way.

SECO/Military One Source

SECO stands for Spouse Education and Career Opportunities and is a program from the Department of Defense through Military One Source. The goal of the program is to help connect military spouses with tools, to include education and training help, career coaching and exploration, and more.

Through SECO you can explore careers and skills education, training and license options, and scholarship opportunities. They also offer virtual Military Spouse symposiums where they focus on career development, education, and well-being. You can also check out their college scoreboard to help plan where you want to go to school.

 Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes offers programs and events for military spouses. Along with USAA, they offer what is called, MSEEZ (Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zones.) This program helps facilitate collaboration between local and national employers, educational institutions, community resources and to build a robust employment network to help military spouses. Currently, MSEEZ has two locations in San Antonio, TX, and Tampa, FL.

Hiring Our Heroes also has two-day hiring events, military spouse employment forums, a military spouse professional network, AMPLIFY Military Spouse Career Intensive, and a corporate fellowship program that is open to spouses in some locations.


This website offers a list of military friendly schools, and they also have a list just for military spouses. The list will recognize those higher education institutions that actively recruit and support spouses of active duty service members. The survey is sent to the colleges and universities to find the data for the list. This will help you decide on where to go to school and to evaluate military spouse-friendly schools.

Military Spouse Magazine

Military Spouse Magazine has plenty of articles to help military spouses. They have a good library of articles about military spouses and education, from scholarship ideas to questions about if you should go back to school. They are worth visiting to read more about focusing on your education.

Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families has networks available to connect with others and learn more about the path you want to follow. They have professional Facebook groups for educators, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, and those in Tech. These groups will help you work towards your goals.


MYCAA (My Career Advancement Account) is a program offering $4,000 to military spouses to further their education. There are certain qualifications to receive the money such as your service member’s rank, and what you want to go to school for. This program is one of the best ways that military spouses can get money for college, and you should take the time to see if you qualify for it.

College and University Websites

You can also find out information about military spouse educational options on college and university websites. They might share a bit about how the college will want to work with you and what they can offer you as a military spouse. This can help you prepare for your education or even help you decide on where you want to go to school.

As military spouse education is so important, we will hopefully see more organizations and websites being created to help military spouses go back to school. If a military spouse can work on their education, they can help achieve their own goals, even while their spouse is serving in the military. This can help their family out in many ways, especially once their service member ends their military career and they become a civilian family.





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