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Use These Companies to Find the Best Military Discounts

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Companies Such as ID.me, Veterans Advantage, and GovX Provide Some of the Best Military Discounts.

We all love a good military discount. Many stores have them, and if you aren’t sure if they do, all you have to do is ask. However, there are a few companies that make using military discounts a bit easier, particularly when shopping online. They take care of the verification, what the discount is, and make it easy for you to get the discount that you want.


ID.me is a way for individuals to be able to prove and share their identity online. They have 64 million members, have a partnership with 27 states, multiple federal agencies, and over 500 name brand retailers.

ID.me was founded by Blake Hall, an Army Ranger, after he watched a veteran have to show their DD214 separation paperwork to claim a military discount. He felt there had to be a better way. It started with the military community but has now spread to students, teachers, nurses, first responders, and government employees.

The company has built partnerships with retailers and has built a digital identity network where users verify their identity online and don’t have to do it at every store. If you go to the ID.me Shop, you can browse by groups. Find the “Military” button or do a search to find all the military discounts you are looking for. You can also find ID.me on retailers’ websites. Once you create an account and you are verified, you will easily be able to claim the discounts.

You may have heard of Troop ID, which has now moved to ID.me.

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Sheer ID

Sheer ID is very similar to ID.me. They verify millions of consumers every year for personalized offers from leading brands. In addition to the military, they also do students, teachers, healthcare, first responders, employment, age, new movers, and professional verification.

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Veterans Advantage

Veterans Advantage was founded in 2000 by a Vietnam veteran, Scott Higgins, and his wife Lin. They are a Public Benefit Corporation and create new and exclusive benefits and discounts for members of the military, retired military, veterans, and family members.

They have a Military Discounts Market Place where you can find offers in everyday shopping, travel and lifestyle, hotel and resorts, dining and entertainment, health and wellness, home and office, and career and financial services. In order to get these discounts, you will need to enroll in VetRewards.

VetRewards has different plans:

  • The Community Plan is free and with it, you can access all of the public, non-exclusive discounts, attend Veterans Advantage events, get news, search for a job, and get advice and support from experts.
  • The VetRewards Plan is $4.99/month or $59.95 a year if you pay 12 months at a time. With this plan, you gain access to deeper, exclusive discounts and deals. You will also receive the VetRewards CarePackage including a prescription drug discount benefit and more. You only receive the VetRewards card if you pay for a year.
  • The VetRewards with Travel Protection is an add-on you can get for $20 a year. When you sign up for this you will be added to their $50,000 MedEvac and $5,000 Active Duty and Dependent group insurance policies and added travel benefits.

You can also start with a free trial.

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GovX was founded in 2011 to deliver executive benefits to the military community founded on military and first responder communities. They offer discounts to veterans, military, military families, firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, medical, government, and teachers.

You can create a free GovX account and then have access to their many discounts. You can find discounts on a wide variety of categories, for example, apparel, automotive, eyewear, food and nutrition, home and family, jewelry, outdoors, pets, technology, and more. Active duty, veterans, retired military, and those at military academies can sign up.

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As you can see, these above companies can help you find the best military discounts around, make using them, especially online, even easier, and give you access to special deals and other benefits.


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