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Friendly’s Military Discount


Friendly’s Military Discount

Friendly’s serves ice cream and American fast food.  Their headquarters are in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, and in the past Friendly’s has offered a military discount based on the location. At press time no mention of the discount could be found on the official site. Ask in-person when ordering.

What is the military discount at Friendly’s?

Military discount may vary by location where offered. 

Who’s eligible for the Friendly’s military discount?

Members of the military.

How do you get the discount?

Show your military ID.

Can this discount be used online?

In restaurant only.

About Friendly’s

They were founded in 1935 by brothers, Prestley and Curtis Blake in Springfield, Massachusetts. They opened a small ice cream shop named Friendly, selling double-dipped cones for 5 cents each. In 1940, a 2nd Friendly in West Springfield was opened with an expanded food menu. During World War II, they closed down the business until the war was over. In 1951, there were 10 Friendly’s in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. By 1974, there were 500 restaurants in the mid-Atlantic, northeast, and the Midwest. They were sold to Hershey Food in 1979 and sold again in 1988. There are now 177 Friendly’s locations in many US states in the eastern part of the country.


For more info, please visit their website.