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Land Rover Military Discount

Land Rover Military Discount 

Land Rover is a British automobile company. They offer preferential rates as a military discount. 

What is the discount? 

The Land Rover military discount is preferential rates across their range of vehicles. 

Who’s Eligible?

Members of the military qualify for this military discount. 

How Do You Get the Discount?

You would need to consult with a military sales specialist. 

Can This Discount Be Used Online?


About Land Rover 

Land Rover was started in 1885 with the Rover Company in Warwickshire, England as a bicycle manufacturer. In 1947, the Land Rover design was created and released a year later. In 1967, the Rover Company was renamed Rover Triumph and in 1970, the first Range Rover was introduced. In 1978, Land Rover became its own company, and in 1987 the Range Rover was introduced to the US. In 1994, they were bought by BMW and then sold to Ford in 2000. In 2008, Tata Motors bought them. Their headquarters are in Whitley, in the United Kingdom. 

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