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Talk 4 Troops Offers Cellphone, Laptop Discounts

Talk 4 Troops offers military, veterans, and first responders access to sizable discounts on laptops, smartphones, and various other devices. This includes brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. All of their phones are unlocked, tested, and are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase.

The Talk 4 Troops Military Discount

The discount, which is applied at checkout, is 10% off of the list price. That may not sound like a lot; but on the Samsung Galaxy S20 I scoped out on their site for $786, that discount knocks the price down almost 80 bucks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pass up that kind of money. Especially when I’m already in the market for the device.

To make this program even better, a portion of each sale is donated to charities that serve veterans and first responders.

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How Talk 4 Troops Discount Works

Talk 4 Troops offers their 10% discount to all military (active, Guard, and reserves), veterans, retirees, military spouses, military dependents, and all first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs, and 911 dispatchers). In order to take advantage of this discount, you must be registered with ID.me which will be verified at checkout.

Once you’re ready to check out:

  1. Click the “Verify with ID.me” button in your cart to verify eligibility.
  2. Your identity and status will be verified within minutes.
  3. Once verified, the discount will be applied and you’re ready to check out.

Talk 4 Troops Products

As of this writing, some of the products listed (without the discount) are:

  • MacBook Air 11-inch 512 GB (Silver) – $493
  • MacBook Air 13-inch 128 GB (Silver) – $506
  • iPhone XR 64B (White) – $432
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32 GB (Silver) – $260
  • Galaxy S20 5G 128 GB (Cosmic Grey) – $786
  • Galaxy S10e 128 GB (Prism Black) – $405
  • Google Pixel 4 XL 64 GB (Clearly White) – $466

The Talk 4 Troops website also gives you the opportunity to shop by the brands Apple, Samsung, and Google. So, if you have specific tastes, you can narrow the search to just what you want.

The price range for all the products on their website ranges from the low $200s to just over $800. Also, some popular products are sold out already, like the iPhone 11 Pro that my wife wanted. Shucks!

What Are You Waiting For?!

If you fall into any of the eligible categories listed above, and you’re in the market for an electronic device, then do not wait to take advantage of this discount. Supplies do run out, and Talk 4 Troops has not disclosed how often they are resupplied. So, in some cases, when it’s gone it’s gone.


For more info, or to take advantage of this deal, please go here.


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