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VA, Fitbit Partner to Bring Veterans Free Year of Fitbit Premium

VA Partners with Fitbit to provide veterans with Fitbit Premium for Free

Partnership Launched Between VA and Fitbit Supporting Veteran Health

This offer was ended as of March 16, 2021.

On January 11th, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced a new partnership with Fitbit in an effort to support Veteran health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative will provide eligible Veterans, caregivers and VA staff with access to Fitbit programs and services to help manage stress, improve sleep, and increase physical activity during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

VA and Fitbit Program Information

The VA/Fitbit initiative will be focused on participants who currently use Fitbit devices. However, the VA has contracted with Fitbit to provide 10,000 eligible veterans, caregivers, and VA staff a free one-year membership to Fitbit Premium, a $79.00 value for each annual membership. The membership includes access to hundreds of workouts, mindfulness content, and a health metrics dashboard. To top it off, participants will also have access to Fitbit Health Coaching, one-on-one coaching and guidance from a certified health coach or licensed health professional.

Here are some of the listed eligibility requirements:

  • Veteran status
  • A current Fitbit user
  • Location


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A Free Fitbit?

Additionally, some veterans who currently receive VA health care may be eligible to receive a Fitbit Sense.  The Fitbit Sense is considered to be Fitbit’s most advanced health smartwatch.

“This initiative is an example of the way VA is successfully adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilke in a statement. “It also ensures the department continues to provide efficient, quality and timely care.”

The VA continues to work with Veteran service organizations (VSO) and community-based organizations to explore how this kind of wearable technology can help Veterans and their caretakers meet their needs.

While there are many veterans who work for the VA, it is my hope that veterans and caregivers will be prioritized in this great partnership. The value of this partnership is roughly $800,000.

To learn more about the VA/Fitbit initiative and further eligibility requirements, visit Fitbit Health Solutions.

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