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Military Families Guide to Back-to-School

Military Families Back-to-School

Guide for Going Back-to-School for Military Families

School is back in session, what benefits can help a military family start the new year off right?

The summer flew by, and now it is time to start thinking about a new school year. Whether you are a military member or spouse going back to school yourself, getting your young children ready for school, or preparing a college-aged student to start their new journey, there are benefits that can help you along the way. From discounts to scholarships to financial help. Here is a list to help you this new year.

Back-to-School Discounts

A new school year means school supplies and finding the best deal. You know you need to buy some pencils, paper, and other items, so why not get a deal on them? Here are some of the best back-to-school discounts!


At JanSport, you can find the perfect backpack for the new school year. They are currently offering a 15% military discount.


Tutor.com offers online tutoring and homework help. As of April 2020, all DoD service members, civilian personnel, and all dependent family members from kindergarten to college/adult can use it at zero cost.

Apple Military and Student Discounts

At Apple, you can find both student and military discounts. The education discounts are for about 4-5% off and military discounts are a little more with about 10% off.

Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is a computer-assisted learning software. They offer a 10% military discount to active and retired military personnel.

Check out more back-to-school discounts on College Recon. You should also be aware of any tax-free weekends and when your state might be having theirs to save a little bit of money when purchasing school supplies.

Paying for School

G.I. Bills, Tuition Assistance, MYCAA, and more are all ways for members of the military and their children or spouses to pay for school. Each can be a bit complicated. Here is what you need to know.

Best Scholarships for the Military Family

If you have a military child going off to school, or you yourself or your spouse are going to school, it is always helpful to earn extra money for college. Here are some links to different scholarships, for veterans, military spouses, and military children.

Also, make sure to visit the CollegeRecon Scholarship Finder to find more scholarships that might work and would be worth applying to.

School Prep

Prepping for a new school year could mean changing up your routine, especially if one of the adults in the home is going back to school. Here is some advice and what to think about if you are making that change.

Military Students

There is a lot to know about the benefits you can receive for your military students, especially if you just moved to a new duty station. It would be a good idea to learn more about the Military Interstate Compact, and other benefits for military children.

No matter who is getting ready for school this fall, either the kids or the adults, knowing what you have access to can help you be even more prepared for the new year. Take advantage of any of these discounts and benefits to start the school year off right.



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