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No Exam Military Life Insurance


Is there such a thing as no exam military life insurance? The short answer is yes, but there are caveats, which we will examine below. If you are in the military, you are provided life insurance coverage through Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, but some feel that coverage isn’t quite enough to protect their family.

Veterans have access to Veterans Group Life Insurance, but some choose either not to carry it or use it but feel the need to supplement with other insurance options.

Depending on how quickly you act as you transition out of military service into your role as a military retiree or a veteran who separated but did not retire, you may be able to apply for no medical exam life insurance.

What Is No Exam Life Insurance?

No medical exam life insurance is offered to qualifying applicants to get insured without proving they are in good health. This is sometimes called “no medical” life insurance or “no exam insurance.”

What Is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

Some agencies offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance, basically the same as no-exam insurance. It’s a kind of life insurance with no requirement to answer health questions or have an examination to determine your eligibility.


What Is Final Expense Life Insurance?

Some life insurance policies aren’t meant to cover all your debts, pay off your home, and provide for your surviving loved ones. These policies cover only the cost of the policyholder’s death and burial or interment.

Such no-exam life insurance policies may come with a “guaranteed coverage” option up to $25 thousand (the actual amount will vary depending on the insurer) to cover expenses directly related to the insured’s death.

Costs for No Exam Life Insurance

As with all other life insurance policy features, much depends on the provider you choose, the amount of protection you want, and other variables.

Life insurance costs may increase with age, so many start a life insurance policy as early as possible. Remember that even with a no-exam policy, you may be asked basic medical questions or be asked to provide medical records as part of the initial assessment.

Who Offers No Exam Life Insurance?

  • Private companies such as AAFMAA and Aflac offer private life insurance to servicemembers and their families but the terms and conditions may vary depending on the company.
  • Skipping a medical exam in the qualifying process may be permitted due to age, state law, work history, and other factors.
  • The type of no-exam insurance you are offered will also vary by the company. You may be offered term life or whole life insurance.
  • These options are often not strictly meant to replace military life insurance such as SGLI or VGLI but supplement those policies. Veterans can use a commercial no-exam life insurance policy as a standalone option.

What to Bring When Applying For No Exam Military Life Insurance

If you are currently serving or are a veteran, you may be allowed to apply online or in person, depending on the insurer. In either case, you will need some documents to submit (copies only, never send originals) by mail, email, or via online application interfaces:

  • Social Security numbers and cards
  • Dates of Birth
  • Addresses of all named in your policy
  • Copy of Your ID (driver’s license or Passport)
  • Copy of Your LES

You may need medical records and information about any other life insurance options you currently carry. Be sure to ask your provider what is required in these areas before you apply if you aren’t sure what to submit.

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