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Camp Lejeune Guide

Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, North Carolina

Camp Lejeune is a United States Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This facility has nearly 15 miles of beaches used for amphibious assault training.

According to Marines.mil, the mission of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune includes support for “various Marine Corps commands, a major Navy command and a Coast Guard command as well as the Marine Corps Base (MCB) itself.“

Learn more about Camp Lejeune, the surrounding area, local housing and childcare options, local schools, and more.

Camp Lejeune History

Access to water and the fourteen miles of shore made this the ideal setting for a marine base, eventually becoming Camp Lejeune. Base construction began in 1941, soon after the decision to commemorate the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Lt. General John Archer Lejeune as its namesake.

Lt. General Lejeune served four decades as a Marine from the end of the 1800s into the early 1900s, having been in combat often, including during World War I.

The new facility met all the requirements for an East Coast division training center, especially near the two deep water ports of Morehead City and Wilmington.

Construction for the new camp and for its aviation counterpart, nearby Cherry Point, when complete, spanned over 400 miles of road and the facilities to maintain almost 140,000 people. Camp Lejeune has ties to several satellite facilities that support the area’s missions.

Camp Lejeune Surrounding Area

Those interested in learning more about the area’s history can visit the USS North Carolina and the Montford Pointe Marine Museum. To relax, visitors can find sunny skies and plenty of shores on Onslow Beach after a tasting at Waltons Distillery. Families will also have plenty to enjoy at the area’s parks, like Hammocks Beach State Park, paddleboarding, or the area zoo.

Camp Lejeune Mission and Units

The main units at Camp Lejeune are the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, a task force that specializes in air and ground skills; the 2nd Marine Division, whose purpose is ground combat and support for the 2nd Marine Logistics Group. Important missions and units here have included:

  • 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
  • 24th Marine Expeditionary Units
  • 26th Marine Expeditionary Units
  • Marine Corps Installation East
  • School of Infantry-East
  • Special Missions Training Center
  • Weapons Center Battalion
  • Wounded Warrior Battalion-East
  • 2nd Marine Division
  • 2nd Marine Logistics Group
  • Field Medical Training Battalion East

Camp Lejeune In-Processing and Check-In

At Camp Lejeune, new arrivals should go directly to the Joseph Randy Reichler Reception Center on Molly Pitcher Road. Report with endorsed timestamped orders in “A” uniform.

You will receive instructions on the mandatory orientation brief at that time or be instructed to attend one on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The Marine Corps Community Services Information and Referral office can provide details and loan lockers upon request.

Camp Lejeune PCS and TDY Lodging

For temporary lodging while transitioning to Camp Lejeune, contact the Inn of the Corps. Know that reservations should be made as soon as possible due to high demand during PCS and TDY season. Call for more information at (910) 451-3041. If you cannot get reservations, you must obtain a statement of non-availability from the Inn of the Corps so you may be reimbursed for off-post temporary lodging.

Camp Lejeune Child Care

At Camp Lejeune, service members can access child care for their families at the full-time, hourly or Saturday care through the Child Development Center or CDC. The CDC can be reached at (910) 450-0553.

Priorities for service are determined by the service status of caregivers and whether or not they are fully employed, deployed or enrolled in college. In addition to the child care options, Camp Lejeune offers the academically-focused More At Four Pre-K program which helps ready young learners for their future in school.

Camp Lejeune Housing

To apply for on-base housing, turn in advance applications when completed or visit the Military Housing Office on Inchon Street in person during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Bring the required documentation including:

  • DD Form 1746
  • Privacy Act Release Form
  • Statement of Understanding
  • Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement and Disclosure
  • Pet Registration Addendum
  • Basic Individual Record
  • Non-Government Housing

The Military Housing Office can prepare what service men and women will need to participate in non-government housing, including participation in the Rental Partnership Program, which assists with transfer expenses for off-base housing. In addition to the letter of eligibility, applicants will need:

  • Current Leave and Earning Statement
  • Basic Individual Record
  • Military orders or Page 3-USMC or Page 5-Navy
  • Must receive Basic Allowance for Housing
  • Must have five or less active allotments

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Camp Lejeune Commissary

Store Phone: (910) 451-5071
1230 Holcomb Boulevard
Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base,NC 28547-2513


Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is within a short distance from New River and miles of sandy Atlantic shores at Onslow Beach. Accessible east of Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune spans over 150,00 acres of land.

The town of Jacksonville maintains close military ties with the base and is home to many service members. When arriving, find the visitor center at Wilson Gate to be directed to the appropriate location.

Albert Ellis Airport Richlands is less than a half-hour drive from Camp Lejeune. Using Highway 24, follow signs to the Wilson Bay Gate or Main Gate. If using a taxi service, check first to ensure the driver charges based on distance. Rates should be less than $50. New Bern or Wilmington airports are also options for arrival.

If driving in from the north, follow I-95 to I-40 East, then look for signs that lead to Camp Lejeune. You will use Hwy 24 toward Jacksonville before arriving at the gate. If driving south, take US903 from I-95 toward Jacksonville and follow the same route. Once at Wilson Bay Gate, continue on Holcomb Road. Follow signs to the Welcome Center.

Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License

Whether or not you are active in the military, you may still be required to transfer registration to North Carolina not long after relocation. State laws require the use of seatbelts and child car seats for young children.

In addition, children under ten should not be left alone in a vehicle. These laws prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, and can result in fines for texting while driving and failure to use proper safety mechanisms.

Recent arrivals can use their military ID, driver’s license and previous registration as well as insurance temporarily until they transfer documents and registrations to North Carolina. Official

North Carolina registration requires an inspection sticker. Young drivers must show they have passed a driving safety course and have valid insurance.

When using a motorcycle, drivers must wear appropriate goggles, helmets, jackets, and hard boots for protection, even if off base. Bicycles and mopeds should observe local regulations and only be used where permitted. While riding at night, all must use a safety vest and reflectors.


Area students are served by schools in several nearby counties: Onslow County, Carteret County and Jones County, and several DoDEA/DDESS schools. Bring enrollment documents to register, including proof of identification, immunizations and birth certificate, as well as Social Security number. The School Liaison for Camp Lejeune is available to help and for questions. The School Liaison Officer can be reached by calling (910) 449-9915.

DoDEA schools that serve the area include:

  • Delalio Elementary (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Johnson Primary (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Tarawa Terrace Elementary (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Bitz Intermediate (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Brewster Middle (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Heroes Elementary (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)
  • Lejeune High (DoDEA-Camp Lejeune District)

Public schools that serve the area include, but are not limited to:

  • Atlantic Elementary (Carteret County School)
  • Beaufort Elementary (Carteret County School)
  • Bell Fork Elementary (Onslow County School)
  • Blue Creek Elementary (Onslow County School)
  • Comfort Elementary (Jones County School)
  • Maysville Elementary (Jones County School)
  • Hunters Creek Middle (Onslow County School)
  • Dixon Middle (Onslow County School)
  • Jones Middle (Jones County School)
  • Croatan High (Carteret County School)
  • Northside High (Onslow County School)
  • Richlands High (Onslow County School)
  • Jones Senior High (Jones County School)

Colleges and Universities

A visit to the Education Office at Camp Lejeune is essential to learn the possibilities of attending college for service members. Scholarships, funding, and programming information are available. Assistance can be provided for any questions regarding options. For those stationed at Camp Lejeune, many college options are available including:

  • Campbell University
  • Coastal Carolina Community College
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
  • University of North Carolina – Wilmington
  • Webster University

The Education Office can provide details about further opportunities such as apprenticeships, testing for military and academic purposes (SAT/ACT), Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) to enhance reading/writing and math skills, SMART transcripts for military credits transferring to academic credits, and information about Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC).

SOC is a group of over 1,000 schools that aid service men and women in graduating with a degree regardless of location and installation. Visit the Education Office to inquire.

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Camp Lejeune
1401 West Rd
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-2519
(910) 451-4101

Important Camp Lejeune Contact Numbers

  • Chapel (910) 451-3210
  • Child Development Center  (910) 450-4078
  • Commissary (910) 451-5491
  • Hospital (910) 450-4300
  • Housing Office (910) 238-3083
  • Military and Family Support Center (910) 449-9766
  • School Liaison (910) 449-9915
  • Temporary Lodging (910) 451-3041
  • Youth Programs (910) 450-8674

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