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DoD Skillbridge Program Placed on Hold

The Department of Defense has placed a ‘strategic pause” on the Skillbridge program.

DoD Skillbridge is a career transition assistance program for military members in their final six months of military service. Skillbridge, according to the DoD official site, “matches civilian opportunities to your job training and work experience,” but this program is more than just a networking opportunity.

DoD Skillbridge on Temporary Pause

The program is, at press time, in a period of “realignment,” and new applications for the program are on hold until August 2023.

The strategic pause does not change things for those participating as partner organizations or military members who applied before June 14, 2023; those applications “will continue being processed.”

Furthermore, SkillBridge partner organizations whose participation was due to expire in 2023 “are automatically extended through 1 June 2024.”

When the Skillbridge Pause Ends

The Department of Defense resumes the application process at the end of July, based on information current at press time.

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How Skillbridge Works

Skillbridge allows servicemembers of any rank to use the last 180 days of military service to “train and learn with an industry partner.” During this process, servicemembers keep drawing their military pay and benefits.

Servicemembers must get permission to participate from the unit; mission requirements don’t let everyone use this program.

According to Skillbridge literature, “Release for SkillBridge is always mission-dependent and your unit Commander must authorize participation prior to entering into any agreement with interested industry employment partners.”

Who Qualifies for DoD Skillbridge

DoD requirements to participate in SkillBridge include, but are not limited to the following. You must:

  • Have 180 days of service or less;
  • Have at least 180 continuous days of active service;
  • Obtain approval from your unit commander;
  • Agree that participation in SkillBridge can be terminated at any time by your command based on mission requirements.

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